Kmart Double Coupons Master List of Participating Stores

The word is that Kmart will have Super Double coupons from 4/4 until 4/10/10. That means that Kmart will double manufacturers coupons up to and including $2! There is a limit of 5 coupons per day though. Previous events had a higher daily limit but less stores participated. It looks like this time more stores will participate but you will be very limited on the number of double coupons allowed.

Kmart has released a master list of stores that are expected to participate in the double coupon event. If your store is participating, start saving your $2 coupons now!

Thanks Bargain Blessings!

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  1. Gina says

    Awesome!! I just scored a gift card for $35 for Kmart by transfering a Rx and getting a new Rx. And the thought that gee I hope my Kmart is doing doubles soon crossed my mind. Yeah!!!!


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