Kindle on Your IPAD


Want to read from Kindle on your IPAD ?

Use this Kindle app to read, borrow, and share books.  Have Kindle on your IPAD.

Here is how to read Kindle on Your IPAD:  When you go to the IPAD app store, search Kindle.  This is the app icon you are looking for:

kindleipad 001

Click on it and you will see this screen.  Push the Free button then it will change to an Install app button.  Push the Install app button. A pop up screen asks for your Apple ID password.


kindleipad 002


kindleipad 003

After installation another button appears in the same place and it will be labeled “Open.”

Once you click on the Open button you will see a Kindle Amazon Account email address and password screen.  Enter your information and push the “sign in” button.

kindleipad 004

When you sign in you will see all of your Kindle books listed on the screen.  Note that the books listed may be either on the device (your IPAD) or in the Cloud.  Use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to toggle between those options.

kindleipad 005

Choose your book from the listing and when you click on it if you are on “device” you are able to start reading.  If you are set on “cloud” then the book will start downloading.

Once you have the app on your IPAD you may use the Setting in the bottom right corner to get to your account information as well as finding a “help” section with Frequently Asked Questions.   The 3 lines in the upper left corner has a search option, a sync button to allow for downloading of new books, as well as sorting options.  Borrow one prime book a month FREE!! Be sure to check out all that Kindle on your IPAD can do for you!

Enjoy reading from your Kindle on your IPAD!

Get a trial free Prime membership for one month, or if you are a student get it for 6 months free and watch free Amazon Prime videos with Amazon Instant on your IPAD!


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