Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit Review

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit


A New “Twist” to Breastmilk Pumping & Storage!

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit Review

As a pregnant working mom of two, I knew that time for pumping would be hard to find when my third son arrived – there’s always something that needs to be done “now,” whether at home or at work! Shortly after his birth, I dug out my pump to start building my freezer stash in preparation for my return to work. It was a definite given that I needed to get my pumping routine down pat before heading back to work to order to optimize my pumping time! The Kiinde Twist™ system is exactly what this busy mom was looking for so I was thrilled to be able to review their new Kiinde Twist™ Breastfeeding Starter Kit!

This system is designed to make pumping easier…and it certainly does exactly that! By eliminating several steps of my previous pumping & storage routine, I noticed I was able to spend more time pumping & less time transferring milk, making bottles, and cleaning – definite bonuses all around! The Kiinde Twist™ Breastfeeding Starter Kit comes with 20 Twist™ pouches, 8 Direct Pump™ adaptors, 1 Keeper™, 2 Squeeze™ bottles, 2 Slow Flow Active Latch™ nipples, and 2 nipple cleaning brushes and retails for $39.99 on the Kiinde website and other online retailers.

The Direct Pump™ adaptors allowed me to attach the Twist™ breastmilk bags directly to my Medela Pump In Style Advanced. These adaptors are designed to fit all major breastpump brands. They fit securely and I didn’t experience any issues with getting set up quickly to start my pumping session. After pumping, it was a simple step to place the blue cap back on the bag without any leaks or loss of breastmilk by way of a transfer. I found it easiest to write the date/time of the pumping session directly on the blue cap, which ensures the date is visible when the milk is stored in the Keeper™. The measurement markings on the Twist™ bags haven’t always been the most accurate, which is my one complaint about the bags. I like to know exactly how much I pump during each session and mark it on the bag – when I did a few “double-checks,” it wasn’t exactly accurate (but close, within an ounce). The Twist™ bags are sold on and other online retailers for $9.99/20 and $17.99/40. The price isn’t too bad, in my opinion, especially since I don’t have to purchase bottles or bottle liners, but these are single-use bags only.


The storage caddy (the Keeper™) is designed to fit right in the freezer to help with organization and freezing of expressed breastmilk. Unfortunately, we have an under-the-refrigerator pull-out freezer so I couldn’t utilize the Keeper™ in the manner intended. I instead used the Keeper™ in our fridge to easily provide my childcare provider with fresh milk. When I had excess milk, I simply moved the Twist™ bags from the Keeper™ to lay flat in our freezer drawer until frozen.

Perhaps the nicest feature of the entire system is that there is no transfer of milk into a bottle prior to feeding. The Twist™ system comes with its’ own bottle (the Squeeze™) and silicone slow-flow Active Latch™ nipple. After defrosting, the Twist™ breastmilk bag snaps right into the Squeeze™ bottle, a nipple is attached and voilá, you’re set to feed! It couldn’t be easier! No more spilled breastmilk as I try to pour from a freezer storage bag into a bottle with one hand & a screaming, hungry baby! It’s been quick and easy to defrost the Twist™ bags by submerging in warm water. Kiinde also makes the Kozii™, a bottle & breastmilk warmer that is compatible with the Twist™ system (retails for $69.99 on the Kiinde website and other online retailers)


My son has been quite picky taking bottle nipples, but took the Active Latch™ nipple immediately. Its’ nipple is specially designed to help ease the transition from breast to bottle by requiring both a sucking and massaging motion from baby. The nipples come with a storage case to keep them clean when not in use. The starter kit includes slow flow nipples, but medium and fast flow nipples are available on the Kiinde website and other retailers. All components of the Twist™ system are BPA-free, Pthalate-free & PVC-free, which certainly makes this mom happy.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Kiinde Twist™ Universal Direct Pump system and all of its’ components. I didn’t experience any major leaks or spills (which is important to me…breastmilk is treated as gold in our home!) and my baby boy did wonderfully with the Squeeze™ bottle! I plan to continue using the Kiinde Twist storage & feeding solution as I return to work soon. The Kiinde products are certainly positive additions to the products available for breastfeeding & pumping moms!

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