Kids Katy Perry Costume Review

Kids Katy Perry Costume Review


Halloween is my favorite holiday, and a big deal in my house. When Jaiden (my lovely model up there) had her first Halloween she had 4 different costumes. Yes 4. And since she could talk she has had complete control on what she wanted to be for Halloween. So far we have had a Tinkerbell, Candy Corn Witch, Alice in Wonderland,  and now a Katy Perry CostumeThis year she has been all about Katy, so when she found out that carried a Katy Perry Costume in her size she was SO excited! 

So what did we think of the Katy Perry Costume?


Jaiden was absolutely thrilled with this costume! She loved how it flowed, and said that it was “silky and shiny just like Katy Perry’s clothes!” Here is what the website has to say about this Katy Perry Costume: “This Girl’s Katy Perry Candy Girl Costume is going to look very sweet! This costume includes a fun and young multicolor dress, decorated with treats! The bodice features a pink single strap that leads into a ton of mints, a large ice cream cone flower, and a cupcake! The medium length skirt flares with a rainbow of pinks, blue, and white. This costume will have your little girl singing her heart out to “California Gurls!”

What I love about the costume is that it is age appropriate. When my 5 year old told me she wanted to be Katy Perry this year I was a little worried considering how sexy some of her costumes can be, so I was super  excited to see that the Katy Perry Costume offered by AnytimeCostumes was just cute! The little candies and cupcakes are a perfect way to keep it innocent, but bring some of Katy’s flair to my little girl’s Halloween!

So I highly recommend you head on over to and check out the great selection of costumes offered!

*I received the Katy Perry Costume free of charge for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂 

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    I came across your review via Pinterest and read it out of simple curiosity. I too purchased this costume for my daughter for Halloween. I experienced the same trepidation you describe when informed by my six year old that she wanted a Katy Perry costume. My hopes were high when I found this cute dress that looked like Katy’s outfit in California Gurlz. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed when we received the costume. Poor quality! The silk screening was cracking and the fabric was thin. I basically used what I had purchased for an arm and a leg as a base and completely redid the entire costume. Very disappointing for us… glad your experience was better than ours!

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