Kids Easy Recipes: Fruit Kabobs in Yogurt

Kids Easy Recipes: Fruit Kabobs

Kids Easy Recipes

Teaching kids to make fun snacks is super easy. We have fun kids easy recipes for you such as this yummy fruit kabobs with yogurt dip.

Fruit Kabobs in Yogurt Recipe

Fruit Kabobs in Yogurt Recipe

Fruit Kabobs in Yogurt Recipe


  • Strawberries
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Pineapples


  1. It's very simple
  2. Create a layer of strawberries then add yogurt, honey.
  3. Then add a layer of pineapples, repeat with the honey and then finally place a layer of yogurt on top. Then make the fruit kabob by alternating a cut strawberry with a pineapple

fruit kabobs collage

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  1. Cherjon Bailey says

    I love the idea of fruit Kabobs. It’s creative, it’s not messy and it’s healthy. Plus it keeps the kids busy.

  2. barbara tryon says

    I will be doing this recipe with my Grandchildren. They love yogurt and so do i and just love the fruit. Thanks for this awesome recipe.

  3. Jaime S. B, says

    I love this idea! My kids love fresh fruit and yogurt and I think they would have a ton of fun making these!

  4. Karen says

    A great recipe for the kids to help with, I find that when they have a hand in making it they want to eat it.


    Always loved cooking with my kids. Most of their friends are so happy and respect that they can actually cook. They both love to try new recipes and new foods all the time.

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