Kids Bowl Free ALL Summer




Summer is approaching and the FREE offers for Kids are rolling in! Our suggestion, keep a list of these free programs as you see them or go ahead and register for them now. There are bound to be more offers popping up soon! And if you are like us with “mommy brain” you will forget about these great programs unless you have a list!

Kids Bowl Free Program

Register your child for this program and they can bowl two free games everyday. I am sure you won’t be at the bowling ally everyday, but what a great program for those rainy days or the sweltering heat. You can go HERE and find a participating bowling ally near you.

Do you want to bowl with your child? Buy the family pass starting at $23.95. The Family Pass allows for up to four adults to bowl two games everyday all summer long. This is a great value. The last time my family went bowling, it cost a lot more than that for one day!

Thanks Kelly!

Photo Courtesy of  Mike Z


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