Kids’ Book Sale-Starting at Just $1.35!

Looking to stock up your child’s library (or perhaps donate some books to local library in need)? This sale is for you!

Totsy has kids reading and activity books on sale starting at just $1.35.

There are many populart characters included such as Mickey, Thomas, & More!

Hurry over before your child’s favorite sells out!



  1. says

    Thanks so much for this info! I loooove the sales & designs/goods at Totsy!! I have purchased A LOT of things through their site for my 3yr old son! You just can’t beat prices like these for the popular kids characters! If I have only 1 issue with Totsy though (because I do want to be honest) they are VERY slow with shipping. VERY SLOW. I have waited well over 4 wks for some items to arrive. So, as long as you don’t mind waiting & it’s not something you are trying to purchase for a gift or something that is time sensitive, you can really score some great deals!

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