Kids Birthday Party Checklist

Kids Birthday Party Checklist

Kids Birthday Party Checklist

I had a goal this year and my goal was to get organized. I have three kids and I decided a Kids Birthday Party Checklist would be the perfect way to get started. When you have a party there are so many things to remember. I had a hard time remembering who I invited. Who actually got the invites. Did they rsvp? It got so bad I made a spreadsheet. Then I thought if I had checklist I could easily keep track. The worst thing is having all the information for a party written on random items in my purse. I am so guilty of having the random items in my purse with notes across them.

Kids Birthday Party Checklist

birthday party checklist

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The truth is we all need help and having a checklist not only makes our job easier it helps us to see what we need help with and what we have handled. That reduces the amount of time we spend worrying or running around like a chicken with our head cut off.  I hope this Kids Birthday Party Checklist helps you make the most of your child’s special day.

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