Kidkraft Wooden Play Kitchen


Kids love play kitchens. They enjoy imitating mommy and daddy cooking in the kitchen. Kidkraft has developed a new model of the play kitchen. The Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is one of the most unique play kitchens I have seen. It is made of wood instead of plastic, making it very durable. We all know how rough kids can be on toys! I also love the fact that it is a corner unit. Play kitchens can be space eaters. However, the Grand Gourmet will fit nicely in the corner of you child’s room or play area.

The Kidkraft Grand Gourmet is meant for children ages 2-6. All of the knobs turn and the doors open. The details of this play kitchen are complete with real cloth curtains! The accessories are also included. Your children’s imagination will be at work when playing with the Kidkraft wooden play kitchen.

The Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is on sale for $194.95. Regular retail is $299. There are also other Pretend Play Kitchens to choose from.  

Although, this is not a frugal purchase, your child will play with the pretend kitchen for years to come. One idea is to have relatives pool money together to purchase a big ticket item.

Madame Deals was chosen to review the Pretend Play Kitchen website. We did not receive a sample of the play kitchen and this review is based on the website only.


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