Kid Friendly Family Dinner Night Made Easy with Dollar General and Kraft

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

As the lazy days of summer end and the new school year begins, our family’s schedule changes.  During the summer, we tend to take things as they come and just go with the flow.    Bedtimes go out the window and meals are what we call “fend” as in “fend for yourself.”

Now that school’s back in session, it’s time to get back into a regular school year routine.  One part of that routine is weekly meal planning.  We value the time spent around the table as a family and believe it is one of the best things we can do to keep communication flowing in the midst of our busy lives. 

One way we manage to accomplish family meal time is by letting our kids plan and cook meals.  Since they were toddlers, they’ve spent time and helped out in the kitchen.  Once they reached the age of eleven or twelve, we learned they were perfectly capable of planning and putting together simple meals.

We enjoy exploring the internet for fun and simple recipes.  The same old, day in day out meals just doesn’t cut it in our house.  The kids enjoy trying new things and we’ve found one of the best ways to make meal prep simple is to check out manufacturer websites for recipes matched with our favorite foods.

This is where Dollar General comes in by covering us on a number of fronts.  By visiting the KRAFT products at Dollar General website, we have the opportunity to explore new products, check out simple recipes using them, and print moneysaving COUPONS to buy them.

After checking out the site, our 13-year old daughter chose to put Creamy Ranch Dip, Succulent Chicken Parmesan and Heinz 57 Glazed Chicken on her list of recipes to try in the next few weeks.

One thing we all have in common about any meal is our love of cheese.  My husband jokes that anything put on the table is good so long as it’s topped with cheese.  Because of this love for cheese, we’re particularly looking forward to trying the new Velveeta Toppers.  Another product we’ll be testing out is the A1 Dry Rub.  We love A1 Steak Sauce and know the A1 Dry Rub will make for some tasty ribs and chicken on the smoker hubby received for Christmas last year.

In addition to these KRAFT products at Dollar General, a quick peek at the webpage reveals some great new products such as CAPRI SUN Big Pouch, KOOL-AID LIQUID, and LUNCHABLES UPLOADED Lunch Combinations.  I’m sure the LUNCHABLES UPLOADED Lunch Combinations will be our grown son’s favorite.  Ever since he was in elementary school, he’s loved LUNCHABLES and still packs them every day for lunch on the construction site.

Click on over and explore the many new KRAFT products available at Dollar General and the special savings happening all the time.  Just visit the site, download your coupons and start saving!

If you try and particularly enjoy any of the recipes, send us a photo or two and we’ll post it for all our readers.

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