Keurig Brewer Bundle Giveaway

Keurig Brewer Bundle Giveaway

Keurig Brewer

Do you think Keurig Brewer is only for hot drinks because the taste is not as flavorful when you pour the brewed k-cups over ice? Well think again! Brew Over Ice makes enjoying freshly brewed iced cold drinks super easy. Now you can enjoy delicious cold drinks at home with Brew Over Ice K-cups that comes in your favorite brands such as Snapple, Green Mountain Coffee, The Original Donut Shop, Vitamin Burst, Green Mountain Naturals, Celestial Seasonings and Donut House Collection.

Our Keurig Brewer Bundle Giveaway includes a Platinum Keurig Brewer, Lemonade K-Cups and a Carousel!!!

Just scroll down to the bottom of this post and fill out the rafflecopter form to be entered in this giveaway!

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Nation “Put The World On Ice” Survey Reveals:

Did you know, more than 85% of Americans say they feel summer’s pace has changed since they were kids, with more than two-thirds (67%) of Americans admitting that they will not be able to take time off to enjoy the summer months.

In the second annual “Put the World on Ice” survey*, sponsored by Keurig and the Brew Over Ice beverage collection, with questions crafted by life advice guru Liz Pryor, it is clear that the typically slow days of summer are a thing of the past, making it harder for busy Americans to unwind and relax. While the pace has changed, more than 75 percent of respondents are embracing a new definition of summer fun by saying they would consider adding “doing nothing” to their daily to-do list.

A snapshot on the nation’s attitude toward a balanced lifestyle:

Balancing Act

  • We strive for something that we won’t or can’t make happen
    • 98% of Americans report that balance in everyday life is either somewhat or very important, yet 65% of Americans are not able to make time for themselves at least once a day.
  • Put the World on Ice
    • 66% of Americans feel that a daily iced beverage is an important pick-me-up.


She Thinks . . . He Thinks

  • Women feel the shift in summer’s cadence more than men
    • 88% of females feel that the pace of summer has changed since they were a kid, while 82% of males feeling like summer has changed since they were a kid.
  • Men and women value balance differently
    • 70% of women consider balance important while only 60% of males consider balance important.


Mama Says. . .

  • Kids in the house = Less “me” time
    • Nearly 65% of parents** “rarely, if ever” take time for themselves.
  • Kids out of the house = More breaks in summer routine
    • Half (50.6%) of those surveyed without children will take their planned breaks in the summer routine; as compared to 38 % of those with kids.


Our “Inability to Switch Off”

Liz Pryor, author, life advice expert and Brew Over Ice spokesperson is available for comment and interviews. She believes these results are an indication of the shifting American mindset. Liz can offer ideas and tips for Americans about how to shift mindsets and achieve a more balanced lifestyle with attainable moments built into the everyday.

*Survey results include additional national findings, differences by gender, regional statistics and parents vs. non-parents. Based on 2,000 respondents during May 2013. Additional and raw data available upon request.

**Parents are those with “children under 18 living at home.”

Keurig Brewer Giveaway Rafflecopter Form:

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Keurig Brewer Giveaway ends on 7/15 at 11:59pm CST.

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  1. Theresa Wilson says

    My favorite cup of coffee is Choc Full of Nuts with a little milk and international delight french vanilla creamer.

  2. says

    So my favorite cup of coffee is actually red rooibos tea. With a bit of cream and sugar. Tastes like coffe without the caffeine. The strawberry pomegranate over ice was delish. I think I could drink that every day.

  3. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on r/copter says

    I’m not a coffee drinker I’m afraid, but this is for my Mum. She loves the Tully’s Hawaiian Blend. That’s definitely her favourite!

  4. Sandy Cain says

    Mmmm…Hazelnut with one sugar, and a dollop of REAL cream,l good and hot! I love a good cup o’ joe!

  5. sandy weinstein says

    i love vietnamese ? cinnamon, which i have a hard time finding, but i love all flavored coffees.

  6. Brigid O'Hara Koshko says

    I am a coffee-aholic! My favorite is fresh brewed with french vanilla creamer but I love coffee any way I can get it!!

  7. megan monroe says

    being able to brew right over ice sounds great!! ice vanilla coffee is my all time guilty pleasure:) i would use this everyday.

  8. Desiree Dunbar says

    I love Green Mountain Pumpkin in the fall and Blueberry in the summer with milk and 1 sugar.

  9. Tabitha Klucking says

    I like a black cup of a dark and fruity roast like Starbucks Tanzania in my Hawaii coffee mug. Just me. The kids are out doing something, anything, the dogs are napping, the cats are out catching mice and the house is clean enough that I don’t have to stress about it while I drink my coffee.

  10. Christine Cunningham says

    half hot chocolate, half regular brew coffee, with some sweetner and creamer, topped with whipped cream and a dash of cocoa powder

  11. Andrea says

    Except I forgot my favorite cup of coffee – I recently tried Maxwell House k-cups – (great deal at CVS) for a no nonsense good cup of coffee these k-cups are great!!

  12. Raelynn says

    Donut Shop with one Splenda and two spoonfuls of powdered creamer and sometimes a splash of liquid flavored cream.

  13. Traci McCormick says

    We use Folgers. I like mine with a little sugar. I used to use french vanilla creamer, but I started dieting and quit using it.

  14. Julia says

    My favorite coffee is dark roast caribou coffee 10 oz with 2 oz of cream. It tastes so good. No added sugar. Preferably decaf if after noon.

  15. Shawndra Befort says

    I love the seasonal coffees the most. My favorite is the Golden French Toast with sugar and milk

  16. rebeccabasset says

    Hmmmm….my favorite cup of coffee…..Pumpkin Spice with whipped cream…

    Thanks for the awesome Giveaway!

  17. Andrea Perra Hadfield says

    green mt french vanilla with 3 sugar free sweeteners and fat free french vanilla creamer!!

  18. Michelle Ford-Copley says

    My everyday blend is summertime- Iced, winter hot- strong, dark full-bodied brew, sweet and loads of half and half (occasionally I add some vanilla or hazelnut syrup)

    My splurge blend is hot or iced mocha or peppermint mocha- preferably starbucks or better.

    I also like chai’s.

  19. erin king says

    I love a dark roast … made as a latte (warm milk with hazelnut or caramel syrups are a couple faves… but the best is pumpkin spice!)

  20. says

    I looooove the starbucks drinks that they have. so much easier to enjoy a cup of coffee at home then having to go pay high dollars at starbucks

  21. ronica says

    I use to hate coffee but one day I decided to try stacks and I was addicted. I prefer a cold drink over anything, would be nice to win.

  22. mary simonton says

    tully’s hawaiian is one i just tried n love it but just about any breakfast blend is good drinking

  23. Jutta Branin says

    I love my Keurig, but it makes some weird noises lately. Probably needs to be replaced, so this would be perfect timing. My favorite coffee is Emerill’s breakfast in bed. Love it!

  24. catherine cooper says

    Loved using the Keurig at the school I was teaching at last year, but that school closed so now I will be at another school. This would be wonderful to win. I liked trying all the different K cup flavors both hot and over ice.

  25. Tara N says

    My favorite cup of coffee is Tully’s Breakfast blend with International Delight Chocolate Caramel creamer…delish!!!

  26. Danielle Peters says

    As far as regular coffee goes, Hazlenut with cream and sugar YUM! Put for fav coffee drink, Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha YUM!!!!!

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