Keruig B31 Mini Brewer

Check out our review of KEURIG KCUP BREWER- B31 MINI PLUS from Cross Country Cafe!

I was so excited to receive my mini brewer. The reason is simple my husband loves a good cup of coffee in the morning and I hate the mess he normally makes with a traditional coffee pot.  My husband loves that is very easy to use. He didn’t even read the instructions prior to making his first cup. This brew pot produced amazing coffee. He loves that there is virtually no clean up because it used a self contained pod. He is no longer wasteful because it makes the right amount. He loved how quiet it is. The con is you have to add enough water for each cup. This one doesn’t have a tank to hold water. This may make my husband’s experience less than pleasing but I love that feature because then you do not have water in there that has been in there for days. He loves the availability of flavors.

We also received these awesome coffee flavors to aid in our review of the system.



Here is some keurig coffee maker troubleshooting information
If the keurig won’t brew does not drip out all the water you put in, there are TWO needles that need to be unclogged using a paper clip. The user manual describes how to do the lower one, the “exit needle”. You also need to clean out THREE holes in the UPPER needle, called the “entrance needle”.

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  1. sandy weinstein says

    i love the keurig, however, the coffees are so expensive. i think it is less expensive to buy by the bag….however, i have gotten several of these coffees free off facebook

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