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For Summer as a part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias #cbias,I am staying connected to my daughter with a cheap wireless plan from #FamilyMobileSaves.

cheap wireless plan

As a busy mom with 2 children and a husband to keep track of, cell phones have become a necessity in our household. With a huge extended family I need a cheap wireless plan so we can all stay connected. I hate the monthly bill that comes with them though. The cell phones do give me peace of mind but that peace is quickly shattered every month when I have to pay the bill. What I wouldn’t give for a cheap wireless plan. My youngest is 9 and only has a basic cell phone but she is constantly borrowing mine to play games, take pictures and do all the fun things that come with a smartphone. It does get hard sometimes when I want her to be occupied waiting at appointments but I have a list of things I could be doing while I was waiting as well except she has my phone. We have talked about getting her a smartphone but the cost associated with buying the phone and the increase in the phone bill is more than we want to spend or can afford to spend.

cheap wireless plan

We began searching out other cheap wireless plan options as the contract on her line is close to expiring. The problem is we haven’t had much luck with other carriers, especially the pre-paid plans.I have also realized the pre-paid plans are not always the best option when looking for a cheap wireless plan, because if minutes ran out we would be rushing to buy more minutes. I was getting desperate as I am heading to Chicago for almost a week for a conference. I want her to be able to reach me when she is lonely and still play the games she loves when she has to wait at appointments with her dad (my husband.)

cheap wireless plan

I found I  could have the best of both worlds with a cheap wireless plan from Walmart Family Mobile.

Walmart Family Mobile’s Cheap Wireless Plan has been “Rolled Back” to

 $29.88-Unlimited Text and Talk


$39.88 – Unlimited Talk, Text and Web

I was worried that with plan costs so low that phone prices would be high but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could purchase a  Concord (Android based) for the low “Rollback Price” of $79.88 (previously was $99.88) or a My Touch Device (Android based) for the “Rollback Price” of $129.88 (previously was $149.88).

If the cheap wireless plan and low phone prices were not enough to make me switch, the no contract required sealed the deal.

You can keep tabs on your cheap wireless plan information and bill due dates  simply and easily with the

Online Account Management and Information.

Activating the phone was simple and easy and before long she was happily downloading her favorite apps from the app store. Now when I am in Chicago,I will be just a phone call away for all those times a daddy won’t do and a mommy is needed. I can also stay connected with my whole family while I am gone. I can enjoy my time with peace of mind because I know I won’t be greeted with a large phone bill when I return.

 Find how other families are saving with #FamilyMobileSaves

cheap wireless plan

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