Kate Spade and Coach Contest

Kate Spade Twirl gift set and Coach Odessa brown sunglasses. This is the best way I can think of starting spring. We decided that you needed a littleĀ  DESIGNER pick me up. Retail value $200+


    • Francine Medina says

      All the comments posted are so very true and I love the tips and recipes!! Thanks Ladies…;)
      I have a fourteen year young daughter and as I continue to nurture her through her teenage years, there is nothing more important than for a young or matured woman to feel extra special in the perfect black dress. This would be the best accessory and addition to her upcoming 15th birthday.

    • Madeline Lucas says

      I love contest, sweepstakes and freebies. I make a game out of it. I get free samples in the mail at least 10 times a month. I enter contest daily. I have not won anything yet, but will keep trying. This has become one of my favorite hobbies.

  1. Kimberly Hutchins says

    The right accessories make the oufit. So does the right hairstyle and fingernails. Remember you are a complete package.

  2. Amanda Herren says

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I hope I win, this is my favorite perfume and who does’nt love coach..right?!?! and luck would have ..I am in great need of a new pair of sunglasses!! This would be the best!! Thanks again!!

  3. Rita says

    Coach sunglasses are the only ones I can find that fit properly. Love them. Need a pair so I can get my prescription put in it.

  4. debbie johnson says

    i shop at thrift stores and second hand stores. disability doesn’t pay much and i support myself, my daughter and my granddaughter with it. i will buy the granddaughter something if she really really likes it. i also shop my mom’s closet.

  5. Melissa says

    Always shop the sales and I take my husband, he picks out things I would never try for myself. He is usually right on with his choices.

  6. Scarlett Lee says

    When I wear black, I always make sure to include a bright pop of color somewhere in the outfit, be it my fave turquoise heart necklace or a bright red pair of shoes.

  7. Hofken says

  8. Marlene V says

    My fav. tip on saving money is to plan a menu for the week and shop accordingly. This way you are less likely to spend money on eating out or buying stuff at the grocery store you don’t need.

  9. Marlene V says

    Leave your favorite fashion tip
    When needing a dress for a more formal function look in the local classifieds ads, and consignment stores. Often these dresses are expensive and only used once — save your money

  10. Marlene V says

    Leave your favorite tip on stretching your vacation budget
    Get a hotel room with a kitchen — this can save you money on eating out all the time. If you can make some meals that helps keep a vacation on budget.

  11. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My fashion tip is: make sure you put your shoes on with the lights on before you leave the house or you may spend the day wearing two different color of shoes ALL DAY. :)

  12. Sylvia Ortiz says

    To help stretch your vacation budget; we always shop at the market once we get to where we are staying and buy food to make for breakfast and other meals, to keep from spending all of our money at restaurants and/or fast food places.

  13. Laura P. says

    Wrap dresses look great on every figure and don’t be afraid to add color to an outfit in the form of a scarf, jewelry and/or purse.

  14. Moira Jenkins says

    My vacation budget trip. If you drive, bring bottled water. You need to hydrate when you travel, and water is always marked up at hotels and resorts!

  15. Rita says

    When couponing, don’t have set items that you think you won’t ever use or buy. If it is a money maker or free, get it and donate it. YOu will never know when an item will come in handy.

  16. says

    Never leave home without looking good in your clothes. Always have your clothes pressed and neat. Have a passion for fashion. I sure do!

  17. Shanna says

    My fashion tip is to always shop for winter clothes in spring/summer , and vice versa. I score amazing deals, and gorgeous clothing!

  18. Heather Johnson says

    My best fashion tip? Wear what you like and what your most comfortable in regardless of whether it’s in style or not…all that really matters is that you like it

  19. cheryl dangelo says

    My tip would be to always bring some leftovers home..if you can’t fit in your outfit, then you’re missing the fashion

  20. Joy Thompson says

    Good morning! I LO-O-O-O-VE Kate Spade merchandise. I particularly love her handbags and
    shoes. Would love to win!!!

  21. Myra Rzepa says

    Great giveaway!! i have a question though. i know it say for ppl that reside in the US, but i reside in Canada, but i also have a mailing address in the US (i live right on the boarder) would i still beable to enter?

  22. Stephanie huff says

    Keep plenty of pastel clothes handy this summer, you will stay alot cooler than wearing dark colors.

  23. celeste heairld says

    my tip is to shop at stores like Kohl’s and Ross. You can get the same clothes that you buy in department stores at a discount. You can always find great deals!

  24. Joy Thompson says

    Being trendy is very nice, but when you select clothing that is basic, then you can mix and match or just add beautiful accessories which will help in reducing costs from year to year.

  25. Courtney says

    This would be sooo much fun to win.. My mom loves it and I would give it right to her!! :) Thanks for the chance!!

  26. dana marshall says

    my fashion tip is less is more… you dont have to be dressed in the most expensive clothes or the flashiest clothes, shoes and makeup to look good. wear something simple that compliments you, and have some fun with it by dressing it up a little with a cute pair of shoes, or a belt/scarf, even a little bit of jewelry is fun. with your makeup and hair less is more also. you dont have to wear heavy makeup to look good. the more natural the better. just be yourself and have fun with it.

  27. Michelle H. says

    I like to check out the designs from various fashion shows and it helps to inspire me as to what to wear and how to wear it.

  28. Delana Coley says

    Love, Love, Love Kate Spade!!! Kate and Coach, what could be better than that? Free Kate and Coach, that’s what!! Thanks

  29. alissa says

    great gift!
    tip: always buy clearance if you can “wait it out” just a bit. things are constantly being replaced with new/different things, going on sale, and then on their way to the clearance rack!! it is amazing how much can be saved with a little patience. so if it can wait, try to hold off for a while. good luck :)

  30. Donna LeVine says

    Fashion tip me???! Lol, I can’t state one as I have no fashion! :)\
    Thanks for the great contests Madame!

  31. Hannah G says

    Tip: If you aren’t completely sold on the item, don’t buy it!!! You’ll find something eventually that you probably will like a lot better!

  32. Dana Brown says

    Never pay full price when it comes to buying your clothes! There is always some kind of deal going on in department stores!

  33. Deb Anderson says

    Basics are called basics for a reason. Simple is better. You can have multiple entire looks just by adding accessories to basics.

  34. says

    Favorite fashion tip;No matter what you are wearing, wear it well and wear it with lots of confidence!! That is what makes any outfit on you really stand out!

  35. Minnie C. says

    Thank you for such nice products for this contest. I adore Coach handbags and Kate Spades handbags. So I’ m sure I’ll love the perfume set and the sunglasses. Wear your outfits clean, pressed and with pride. Be sure to add earrings, bracelets and necklace. Pick and choose the jewelry because we don’t want to over kill. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

  36. diane miller says

    Thanks for the giveaway always have a good blazer and white blouse could accesorize to each look you want

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