Just for the Joy of It: Messy Marvins

Packing Peanuts or Indoor Snow?

Packing Peanuts or Indoor Snow?


Messy Marvins

That is what I call my boys! Yes, I received a box in the mail that had the wonderfully fun but messy packing peanuts. I was thrilled to get my new Tassimo coffee maker (more on that in a few days) and the boys…well they were more than thrilled to empty to contents of the box!

In the few minutes it took me to read the instructions, my house became covered in “indoor snow”! My first reaction was to be upset. But why? They were having fun and the mess really didn’t hurt anything!

So, I stopped getting mad and took some pictures. I embraced the JOY that my boys were making!

I am still cleaning up little white foamy things everywhere! And I will probably still be for days to come!

And then this morning, the boys decided to make a pile of leaves out of newspaper! Aren’t they creative?

A pile of "Leaves" According to Mason

A pile of "Leaves" According to Mason


What brought you JOY this week?


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  1. says

    Good for you! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been quite that gracious about it. I like how you stepped back and decided to experience the joy in the situation.

  2. says

    Well done mommy!

    isn’t it funny how blogging changes your perspective. A few weeks ago my son got into a BIG MESS (shocker) and my first response was OH NO! and my second response was “wait, grab the camera, that’s kinda funny!”

    Thank heaven for little boys!

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