Just for the Joy of it: Kid Conversation

Good True & Beautiful is starting a new Thursday discussion; Just for the Joy of it. I think this is a great idea to sit down and take a moment to review the JOY in our life!

I had the pleasure of taking just Mason with me to run errands today. It is a rare occasion that I have time with just him (he is 3 and usually we have little brother Brennan with us who is 17 months). It was nice to have some one on one time and our conversation brought such joy this morning.

Mason: “Why are trees tall?”

Mom: “Some trees are really tall because they are old trees. They have lived for many years.”

Mason: “Why is that tree dead?”

What Mason was noticing was the leaves changing colors and falling. This lead to a conversation about the change of season and how their are four seasons in a year. We talked about the tree colors and how eventually there would be no leaves on the trees until spring rolled around. I have learned that education takes place everywhere. One little question can lead into a whole lesson. It is a real joy to listen to Mason think about and question nature!

The other joy that happened today; Mason constantly asked “Where is Brennan?”. Although, Mason enjoyed mommy time, he was always conscious that little brother was missing! They are such great buddies!


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  1. says

    Oh how sweet! And he’s so observant. I’m still having a hard time getting our little guy to keep his socks on!

    So glad you joined in – that gave me a lot of Joy too!

  2. says

    How sweet! My husband is one of 3 boys, and while they’re all grown up now, they still keep track of each other (different STATES) frequently calling, emailing, or texting each other.

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