Just for the Joy of It: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Is the song ringing through your head yet? My youngest son, Brennan, is 17 months old. He doesn’t say many words yet. Brennan understands what we are saying but chooses to point and grunt instead of using words. Of course, Mason does a fair share of talking for Brennan too! This week, I picked up Brennan and he pointed to my hair and said “hair”.  He then continued to point to my eyes, nose, ears mouth and teeth. Brennan named each body part as he pointed to it. Amazing! When he got to naming my teeth, he wiggled to get down. Brennan ran to the bathroom, hopped up on his stool and reached for his toothbrush! It was so cute and brought me such joy! Even though Brennan doesn’t say much yet, he is learning and understanding so much more than we give him credit for. Kids are truly amazing!


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  1. says

    My little guy is 19 months old, but not a lot of words yet. Just today, as I was on the phone with my sister and he was sitting right next to me, he *screamed* MAAA MAAA!

    I don’t think that counts as saying MaMa, but he sure got my attention!!

    Great to have you join in.

    And now I have to figure out a way to get that song out of my head!

  2. says

    What a cutie! I love how older siblings “talk” for the younger ones. I still need my older ones to translate for their little sister sometimes.

    Just another way of sharing the love.

  3. says

    JDaniel is almost 20 months. It is amazing what he has learned. Sometimes things come up weeks later. He must like to think about them awhile. I love that he is into teeth brushing.

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