Just for the Joy of it: Forts & Popcorn

Well, it is an awful weather day here in central Virginia…thunder, lightning, heavy rain and even hail. My boys are definitely the outdoor type. So, indoor days are loooong and make for cranky boys (and mommy too!).



Today we built a fort in our living room. A large blanket, clamps and chairs do the trick! It is amazing how a simple little fort can entertain little ones. I popped some popcorn and they were happy as can be! I was even invited to play in the fort!

Mason & Brennan

Mason & Brennan

And if all else fails this afternoon, we will turn to hot chocolate… that always brings us joy!

Straws help prevent spills!

Straws help prevent spills!

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  1. says

    We had the opposite weather… it’s almost balmy in Upstate NY so we were outside all day! Normally we’re ankle deep in snow, so I’m not complaining.

    The JOY on your boys faces is precious… I think they like having Mommy in the fort!

  2. says

    What fun boys you have! And it sounds like they have a fun mommy, too!
    We’ve had months upon months of sunshine here in AZ, so I would love a good thunderstorm!


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