Jupiter High School 20 year Reunion

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Jupiter High School 20 year Reunion

Okay, so here is where I totally date myself by announcing that I am attending my 20th year reunion. I can’t believe it either. I think back to all the fun times I had in high school and I can actually remember them better than what I did yesterday. I guess my long term memory if much better than my short term memory. I can remember rides in golf carts that we were not supposed to take, gates we weren’t supposed to open, breakfast we at Jim’s , classes we were supposed to attend. I can even remember things my teacher’s taught me.  I had a favorite teacher who I somehow managed to get under his skin in a good way. I hope that Mr. Moody knows how much he impacted my life. I was lucky enough to be in the DECA program which afforded my only three hours of school my senior year since I figured out how to do the work study/ community college program so I could rest on the beach during school hours. I think that class actually taught me a lot about business development and sales which has lead me to my current businesses. You can read my Madame Deals About me page if you want to peek at my life online.


Me and my best friend from HS/College

Jupiter High School 20 year Reunion

I think if you ask people who knew me then and know me now they will all agree I haven’t changed much. I still talk all the time. I am still someone they can count on. I am still a huge football fan and although the guys in the uniform look good I am actually watching because I enjoy the game. I know that high school taught me a great deal about myself and that the people I met there helped me become the person I am today. I look forward to laughing with you at our 20th reunion. I can’t wait to hear what you have been doing and to learn about who you are now. I look forward to seeing pictures of your families and learning about what you have done over the last 20 years.

The reunion is August 9th and 10th 2013 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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