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Mary Kay Takes Your Lashes from Drab to Fab

  Mary Kay Lash Love Bundle  Review

I was born blonde so my eyelashes are very light and appear almost non-existent. I am always on the hunt for a mascara that will lengthen my eyelashes without making me look like I have feathers for eyelashes. I also hate when the mascara fades and flakes off during the day. I want lashes that will last all day and are look long and fabulous. I don’t think that is too much to ask for and neither does Mary Kay because they have created Lash Love Mascara.

mary kay

Before Lash Love

I had my first chance to use the Lash Love Mascara and the Lash Primer today. I am a “wash and wear” girl so adding more steps is not usually want I want to do with my make-up routine. The Lash Primer slides on easily and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t leave my lashes feeling heavy or sticky. I followed with the Lash Love Mascara (Black) and was impressed at how long my lashes looked. It was also very easy to apply without any clumping or having my lashes stick to each other.

mary kay

mary kay

Check out these picture showing my lashes without the Lash Love Mascara and Primer. I used 1 coat of Primer and 2 coats of  Lash Love in black.

I finished off my Long Lash look with my favorite lipstick. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in the neutral shade of  Raisinberry. This has been my favorite lipstick for over 10 years. My husband knows how much I love it that he doesn’t complain when I stock up.

After Lash Love and Raisinberry Lip Stick

mary kay

Go order your Mary Kay Lash Love Bundle and have Fabulous Eye-Popping Lashes!

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