Joining the Inexpensively Team

I Live Inexpensively

Amee and I are so excited to be joining the Inexpensively team! We will be Regional Savings Contributors for the Inexpensively network. Basically, the stores we do coupon matchups for, will be featured on Virginia Inexpensivelyas well. The cool part is that the coupon matchups and deals will be available in a spreadsheet format. Madame Deals looks forward to working with our new team at Inexpensively!

Today we will start with theĀ Giant Food Deals at Inexpensively and the Kroger mid-Atlantic deals will go up on Sunday.

Do not forget to shop with us!
shop with us


  1. says

    We are so thrilled to add you to our network! Thanks for hitting the ground running. We are really looking forward to working with you.

    I have a contributor button. I’ll have to track down the code and drop you an email later today!

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