Job Board: You’re Hired


Job Board: You’re Hired

I am hiring you read right. If you are interested then you need to check out my job board. I believe the best people to hire are your customers so I created a Job Board: You’re Hired  campaign. You know what I like. You read my site. You are my audience. I figure why not let my audience write for my audience. It makes sense since the most important people to me in my business are my readers.

I have a review team that reviews products for me. I think you should check that out. Madame Deals Review Team (This week my readers are reviewing the new dove hair care line, new line from Ivory soap, Listerine products, and a new graco high chair, and a spend less Ipad App.

I have a place for you to submit you Real Deal Shopping trips to receive free coupons. Real Deals Submission Form

I have a guest post form in case you have an idea that isn’t on my Job Board. I am open to hearing from you always. Guest Post Submission Form

I also have a contact form if you want me to advertise for your business. Contact Madame Deals Form

Job Board: You’re Hired (I changed the format if you haven’t turned in your post please do)


Sept 30th- All posts must be submitted with nice images at least 3. You can edit them for free on

Angela A- pumpkin cookies and a lemon churd recipe in a nice gift sized jar

Sherry- Paper craft gift ideas

Vivian- gift idea for dad

Sally- Dating stories you can write one and more if I like the content 🙂

Chelsea- Holiday decorations to improve fine motor skills

Jeanette – jewelry making as a holiday gift idea

Jessica- watermelon waffles and Halloween recipes

Javeriya- making things with bedding

Jaberiya-Indian Recipe kids can make

Tonya Morelli- Dating story and T-shirt craft

Sherry- Mason Jar Gift ideas


Bold is job assigned and one week has gone by

Red is week three and no content submitted at the end of week 3 your content is no longer needed

Note: If I didn’t receive a price I defaulted at $5 to keep my budget in line and hire the most people possible.

I am still looking so APPLY today on my Madame Deals Job Board . The Job Board You’re Now Hired Team received their jobs by applying.

Topic: Job Board You’re Now Hired

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  1. I would love to help out and work for Madame Deals! Can you email me so we can discuss what your needs are? I apologize if this is not the right place to contact you concerning this, but I couldn’t find a separate place.

    Thank you,

  2. Thank you for the opportunity and can’t wait to get started. I am on the list for August 5th and just got notified that I have been hired. Do I have a week to complete the job or is it due tomorrow (August 5th)? Thanks.

    Laura Briley