JCPenney Gift Cards at up to 11% Off

Starting today, Buy discounted gift cards for JCPenney at Plastic Jungle! JCPenney gift cards will be discounted 11% through January 25th. There is no promo code necessary to redeem this offer.

Save up to 35% on gift cards from Plastic Jungle. Do you know that, a great way to save is by buying discounted gift cards and using it to shop? Yes, instead of using cash, buy discounted gift cards and use it for your personal purchases. It’s like creating your own sale anytime you want! You can even combine it with coupons to score bigger savings.

Plastic Jungle offers gift cards from major stores such as Target, Kohl’s, Bah & Body Works and more. Plus, if you receive a gift card that you don’t plan to use then you can sell it to them for up to 92% cash!

Check out these discounted gift card deals:


  1. Donna B. says

    After my last experience with Plastic Jungle, I will NEVER use them again. Their Facebook page is filled with posts from people who have issues with them, going back months.

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