Java Security Warning: Need to Update ASAP

Most of us have Java installed on our computer. We use it every time we print coupons from places like Smart Source, Red Plum and Coupon Network. You will want to read the following information and make sure your system is updated to avoid any security issues.

java security warning


If you have Java 7,  it is important that you disable and update the application immediately. There has been a security threat that has been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security.

Here is a brief description of the Security Note they have released:

A vulnerability in the Java Security Manager allows a Java applet to grant itself permission to execute arbitrary code. An attacker could use social engineering techniques to entice a user to visit a link to a website hosting a malicious Java applet. An attacker could also compromise a legitimate web site and upload a malicious Java applet (a “drive-by download” attack). Any web browser using the Java 7 plug-in is affected. The Java Deployment Toolkit plug-in and Java Web Start can also be used as attack vectors.

Oracle(Java) has released an update today that will correct this security issue.

Security Alert Information from Oracle is available HERE!

The Release Notes for the Update to Java 7 are available HERE!

Go install the Update NOW to bring your system up to date and secure!!

If you want information on how to disable Java until you can Update, please go to Disable Java for instructions!

**Mozilla Firefox Users-if you check your Add-Ons from the Tools Tab, you will probably see that Mozilla has already blocked the Java application in response to the threat. Once you update Java and restart Firefox, it will allow use of Java again.**



Special Thanks to Bargains to Bounty!

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