Jason Aldean Tickets

Hi Fans I have two tickets to the concert on March 23rd at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. The tickets are close to one another but not next to one another. I spent $108.00 on the tickets. They were for a very special friend. It was very important to her that we go but she really didn’t want to spend the money. I often pay it forward and I received a $100 bonus so you know me and my $100 story. I had to make a dream come true.  I feel like money which unexpectedly comes into your life is so you can do for others. It turns out we were given tickets so instead of selling mine, I know I need to give them to one of my fans. I hope the person that wins will pay it forward.

In this contest, the most important thing to me is helping to promote my efforts to help those impacted by the tornadoes. I feel if people knew they could buy ALL You Magazine to help those impacted by the tornadoes they would.

Well, this morning, we are bringing you one simple and powerful way to immediately reach out and help those who are trying to rebuild once again… Purchase a subscription to All You Magazine. For every subscription sold through

——>this special fundraising link$6 will be donated to tornado relief efforts.

You can read the full article Click for Hope Here

You do NOT need to buy anything in order to win in fact I have no idea if you buy or not. I never see that information.

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  1. Adrienne Hayes says

    I’m sorry. I can’t figure out where to leave a comment on your Video page, but I watched the Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Wings: Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Wings video. Yummy!

  2. Sarah T says

    Hey thanks for posting! I’ve seen him 3 times in concert and he’s great! I just wanted to let you know though that his last name is spelled Aldean. Just letting you know because when you tweet it, it’s not going to the right thing (#jason aldean). Thanks again!

  3. LeAnne J. says

    leaving comment for the pink coach giveaway. i would love to go see Jason Aldean!! too bad i’m too far away right now!!

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