January Eat From the Pantry Challenge

Starting in January, Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom will be starting an Eat From the Pantry Challenge. They each have different goals but the overall theme is eating from your stockpile for the month of January. They both plan to shop for produce and dairy products. Everything else will come from their pantry, freezer or refrigerator.

Now I am going to jump in on this challenge! I am nervous about it but excited at the same time. Madame Deals is going to be starting a series in January called “Making Dollars Out of Change” and the Pantry Challenge falls right in line with this. My ultimate goal this year is to participate in once a month cooking by freezing meals. I also want to plan healthier home cooked meals for my family. Clearing my pantry will aid in my goal of less boxed and processed meals (more to come on this).

I have a large pantry stockpile but I have not bought meat in several weeks due to using what was in my freezer. Before I start the challenge I will be making a trip to the store for some meat! My other caveat to this challenge is that I will not feed my family just rice and noodles. Therefore, I am going to do the challenge as long as my pantry holds out. If we get down to just rice and noodles before the month is up, I reserve the right to shop!

Renae’s Goals for the Pantry Challenge:

  • Only go to the grocery store for dairy products, sandwich bread and produce starting January 4th (My first day back to work!). However, if Harris Teeter has a triple coupon or super double event I will participate! That is how I build my stockpile.
  • Use up items that have been in my freezer and pantry for who knows how long! I want to see what’s in there!
  • Cut my grocery budget to just $40 a week for the duration of the challenge.
  • The money I save (I usually budget $100 a week) will be used to pay off debt.
  • Try new recipes and be creative in the kitchen!

So how about you, are you ready to jump into the Pantry Challenge? Remember that your goals should be different than mine. Make your goals specific to you and your family…you don’t have to eat from your pantry for the whole month, try a week. Leave a comment if you are jumping in!

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  1. Chrissy says

    I’m in too. I also won’t turn down free or nearly free items at the grocery store in January. I’d love if you shared your recipes!


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