Is "Easy" Better?

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Yesterday I was out grocery shopping for a party I had last night. As I was going through the store, I was organizing in my head the many things I had to do before five o’clock. I wondered into the meat department thinking, “get chicken that is ready to go; make it easy”. I had planned on chicken kabobs. Right there staring at me was kabobs already done. I was tempted but then looked at the price. Doing some quick math, I realized that it was not worth spending the majority of my grocery budget on pre-done kabobs. I convinced myself that the Tyson split chicken breast at .99¢/lb was the way to go. I also had $1.00 of coupons, so I paid around $2.30 a package (3 large breasts in each pack).

To my surprise the prep work was not bad. It did not take long to skin and debone the breasts. I also felt good about how much money I saved.  Some things that I got were the “easy” items and that is due to that fact that they were cheap or free! I made some kabobs with pineapple chuncks. I had a coupon for a free chiquita single pack and pineapple slices were one of these items. On the single pack was a buy one, get one free coupon. So, I grabed another single pack and ended up getting both for free.

My point? Sometimes putting a little effort into your meal is worth it. The amount of money I saved on spending a half hour making my own kabobs was worth my time. Sometimes “easy” is better. If you can get “easy” items for cheaper than the items that require a lot of prep, go for it!

Even though I had a party with 9 adults and 8 kids, I was still able to stay under my $100 budget for the week.

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