Iphone Apps: Sweet Dreams

I am a mom of three and I basically haven’t slept in 7 years. I needed a solution. I luckily received a suggestion for one.  I was introduced to a  sleep machine. I was so tired that I tried to order a sleep machine from Over Stock. I waited and waited and waited for its arrival only to find out I never completed my purchase. Yup, I never paid.

I told my husband what I had done and he said, “I bet they have an APP for that.” It never occurred to me to look for a white noise app for my iPhone. I clicked on the app icon. I used the search feature and placed free white noise in the search box. I found a couple of applications. There were several that were free so I placed them on my phone. I selected White Noise, Sleep Pillow, and Sleep Maker Rains . The best part is they are free or close to it. I then upgraded the Sleep Pillow App for just $1.99 because you can program how long it will play and it also had additional sound choices. This simple application has helped me finally have a good night sleep. I also use it when I want the baby to sleep and the other kids are a little noisy.

What are your tricks to get the rest you need?


  1. Stef Robins says

    I originally installed a white noise app to help my baby fall asleep. Now I notice that I’m using it more for my own sake LOL. Thanks for sharing this though, I just use White Noise, I’ll see which is better. By the way, I’d like to share to you my current favorite app, Intuition. It’s a free task management app for moms with features esp. designed for us, like Location Alerts to remind us of tasks and errands when we are near the location where we need to do the errand. You can check it out on http://www.iconapps.com/product.htm

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