Iphone 5 will not ring

Iphone 5 will not ring

iphone will not ring

This is so embarrassing to admit. I couldn’t figure out why my iphone 5 would not ring. I did what every normal person would do I checked the plus and minus signs on the side of the phone for the volume. It was turned up. Then just above that I checked the switch. It showed the phone was on.

The Iphone 5 will not ring still. Then I went into the setting section and I checked to make sure my settings were on.

iphone 5 will not ring

You go to the wheel that says settings on your phone. It is the grey one above

iphone will not ring

Then you click on sounds. The pink image.

iphone will not turn on

Then you make sure volume is on…

I did all that and my Iphone 5 will not ring… and then I discovered this tip

menu option

I slid my menu bar up until I saw this…. if you look up at the menu bar there is a moon.  Make sure that moon isn’t white if it is then click on it until it is black. That is the do not disturb button

I realized the half moon thing was clicked to do not disturb once I removed it I was able to hear my phone ring… silly kids must have clicked on that when they were playing with the flash light and I frankly had no idea I had that option on my phone. I hope I saved your sanity.


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