1. Daily Woman says

    For some reason I can not see the whole post for this giveaway, it is cut off on the side. I see it says something about reading a article then making a comment, when you say article do you mean any of your blog post? Because it says click the tabs at the top for lots of articles but I only see HOME. I didnt want to enter until I understand so please let me know.

  2. ashley says

    I would love and be so ecstatic to win an Ipad I am so far behind all of the new technology. I try to keep up with all of your giveaways and erasing your debt blogs.Thanks for all of your awesome giveaways.

  3. Laurna Hamilton says

    I would absolutely love an Ipad, I have wanted one forever but it hasn’t been in our budget. Winning one would make my year :)

  4. Wendy Tew Pruitt says

    We recieve a special needs children a year ago from ss @greensboro, when he came to use he said one word hi . his speech treacher use an ipad to treach with . He now said 500 words. It’s a miracle ! I only get 144.00 a month it does even to cover my gas . I can’t buy one so for months I have been trying to win one . I will treat it like gold .Thank-you for listening

  5. Karen D. says

    I entered thank you for the chance.

    helping someone even if you think it is in a small way could make a persons day!

  6. Bettyjlo says

    I would love to win the iPad. I read the article on Coupon Printing Solutions. I especially liked finding out that the date of the insert is printed on the spine! Thanks!

  7. Claudia Smigel says

    I am reading the couponing 101 but there is not anywhere to comment on the Article in order to enter it on the Form

  8. Jennifer Keefer says

    I read coupons 101. I am new at the whole concept of coupons and the article helped a lot! Thank you for such a nice site.

  9. Karen Hand says

    I read the 100 things you can do for others for free article. There are some terrific ideas here and all of them are indeed free and simple to do. I thought of another things that one might do, which I did not see on the list and that is to donate your new or used children’s books to the library or women’s shelter, so that a child can have an opportunity to read books without having to buy them.

  10. Sassy Rugger says

    I read the 100 things you can do to help others for FREE. I pay-it-forward often. I went to the Seeds of Compassion event with the Dali Lama in Seattle some years back and it has left me more determined to help those who can use my help. Even if they don’t ask. The world, my world, is bigger than me. Thanks for sharing that article- I will share this one Socially! I think winning this would be so Awesome. I wanna be one of the cool kids, but the cost is a budget crusher. My birthday is at the end of Feb, so this would be a WONDERFUL gift. A CRAZY Wonderful Gift! And, If I do win, I will use my powers for good, never evil. Fingers crossed!

    • Sassy Rugger says

      FYI, this page: 100 things you can do to help others for FREE, has a note to add a comment, but the addition option isn’t there. Maybe check it out for functionality issues.

  11. Sherry Hubbard says

    read and shared 100 things you can do to help others for FREE! Something we can all learn from. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Mandi Joy says

    I’m praying that either I win or someone deserving wins! :)

    Does anyone know if it’s for the iPad or iPad2? I’m just curious…

  13. Amber Shaw says

    Holy smokes! I was just saying last night to my boyfriend how much I would love an iPad2 and he tried to convince to consider an android tablet. Booo! This one would be so much better!

  14. Devona Fryer says

    I read 100 things you can do to help others for FREE. I love all of the information and I especially like the one where you get things for free and donate them. Thanks for your help and time. God bless

  15. Debbie R says

    I learned allot from your article on CVS Guide & Policy. I will start using these tips to my advantage. Thank you for the lesson.

  16. Wendy Tew Pruitt says

    I have a little special need child and his speech treacher uses an Ipad to teach with . this is not his fault what happened he 1st 2 yrs of life ,. when came to us a yr ago he only he only said 1 word “Hi” his teacher thinks he at about 500 words miracle huh, I could never buy one . So thank-you for this giveaway

  17. deb kovac says

    I read you $100 story earlier. You really inspire people. You have a huge heart and I feel great about being able to send my friends to your site without worry about any thing that would be on here. Thanks so much for doing so much for everyone. It does come back around.

  18. Tooth Fairy says

    Your site is full of great resources, I had difficulty navigating back and forth in the effort to fulfull your requirements to correctly enter this fantastic giveaway! May I suggest you look into Rafelcopter forms? Thanks for helping us all make DOLLAR$ our of change! { Tooth Fairy tweeting @toothfairycyber needs all the spare change she can get! LOL Believe it ~ }

  19. Destiny B says

    I submitted an entry form and read the Coupons 101 article along with some other information on other pages. However, I agree with someone else’s comment that it was difficult navigating the site to complete the requirements for the contest. I was excited to enter the drawing, but couldn’t find a way to ‘share’ anything. Maybe not everything on the site was showing up. Great information on your site, especially for people who are new to couponing.

  20. Josie says

    I have been following your blog and F.B. wall since I found your site. I really enjoy all the info, and comments.
    I just was reading your Pay it forward friday page, I admire you, for your ideas on helping others. What wonderful idea.

  21. Willa Sargent says

    this would be just wonderful to win cool prize, I never get to win anything!! it’s possible I can win now with this great site!

  22. Robin says

    I read couponing 101 I love saving with coupons and enjoy reading any hints and tip that will help me save even more.

  23. Lanie K. says

    Thanks for the chance to win. I am new to reading blog sites and couponing so I enjoyed your Couponing 101 article. I found it pretty easy to understand. I really enjoy this site!

  24. Judy Charger says

    I read and signed up for alot of the work at home postings you have. I started doing some and the points are increasing and I am going to collect until the holidays and hopefully everything will be paid for with the work at home options

  25. Elizabeth Walters says

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity to win something that most of us couldn’t afford to just go out and buy…

  26. Michele says

    I sure hope I submitted the form correctly this would be a dream and a half to win! It would help me out with my new job!! Being a single parent is my toughest new job yet, and getting an out of the home job so I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore is going to be so nice yet challenging!!

  27. Rosa Espinal says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win an Ipad.My hubby and I are the sole caregivers to my daughters 3 children and living on a fixed income it’s hard to buy anything.We provide everything for the children but,I would love to win this as it’s the only way to own one.My daughter can’t care for the kids so we have them since birth.

  28. laura v says

    i read work at home. i like that you had alot of information about surveys, some of these i am signed up with, some i might join, thanks for your advice. winning the I Pads would be so helpful i am constantly busy, and having my own IPad would be great.

  29. Gloria walshver says

  30. Dawn Stewart says

    I read about Amee. She has 3 children and lives in Virginia. She is also a Taurus! I really hope i win this! My husband is a truck driver and has to save all his receipts for taxes. This would make it easier to keep track of them!

  31. Jennifer Lawrence says

    Read your article and recipe on French Onion soup…Looks delish and I will try it this weekend!! BTW, I would LOVE to win an IPAD!!!! :)


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