Insert Insanity FLASH sale

Insert Insanity FLASH sale- good till 3 pm EST!EXTENDED till midnight!!

Hurry to Insert Insanity FLASH sale to get this deal that will be SHIPPED TODAY!

********* UPDATE:  Extended till midnight, will ship on Saturday 10/26.  *********

Insert Insanity FLASH sale price is $10 off the list price AND ships today.  This Big Daddy Stockpile pack will only be available while inventory lasts. It also has a special bonus of a $10.00 Wiz Clipz credit for our sister site that deals with clipped coupons. The pack contains a total of 100 coupon inserts.

Picture of Big Daddy Stockpile Pack with $10 Wiz Clipz Credit including 10/27 inserts!

This Insert Insanity FLASH sale pack includes:

October 6: 10 Smart Source 1

10 Smart Source 2

10 Red Plum

October 13: 10 Smart Source

10 Red Plum

October 20: 10 Smart Source

10 Little Tykes

October 27: 10 Smart Source

10 Red Plum

10 Proctor and Gamble

This is less than 1/2 price for what you would pay to get these individual weeks PLUS you score the $10.00 credit to Wiz Clipz! Be sure you have a registered account at so your credit can be applied!  There is no way to issue credit if you don’t have a registered account.   Please note this pack will mail today- so hurry and don’t miss the Insert Insanity FLASH sale!.

These coupons are related to these posts:  Real Deals, 10/13 Hot coupons, Insert Insanity , this Sunday’s upcoming coupons (included in this pack!!) .

Get these inserts while you can during this Insert Insanity FLASH sale!

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