Insert Insanity FLASH Sale

Insert Insanity FLASH sale lasts till midnight on 11/20/13.

This Insert Insanity Flash Sale includes 2 of the hottest weeks of coupons for this entire year!!


See one  listing of the HOT 11/10 coupons here, and note the previews (11/6 and 11/10) that we showed you for those weeks.  Wonder Why buy coupons or why buy inserts??

This pack contains a 6 pack of November 10 whole coupon inserts and a 6 pack of November 17 whole coupon inserts.  The price includes shipping.  Sepcifically, you will receive:

November 10: (6) Smartsource

(6) Red Plum

November 17:  (6) Smartsource

(6) Red Plum

This Insert Insanity Flash sale will only last until midnight on 11/20/13.


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