Insert Insanity Big Daddy October Pack

Insert Insanity has a LOWER PRICE Big Daddy Pack available while supplies last!

This Insert Insanity Big Daddy pack has lots of hot coupons!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get all of October’s Sunday coupon inserts! In addition to the 100 coupon inserts as listed below you get a bonus $10 credit at Wiz Clipz!!!

October 6: 10 SS1

10 Smart Source 2

10 Red Plum

October 13: 10 Smart Source

10 Red Plum

October 20: 10 Smart Source

10 Little Tykes

October 27: 10 Smart Source

10 Red Plum

10 Proctor & Gamble

This is less than 1/2 price for what you would pay to get these individual weeks PLUS you score the $10.00 credit to Wiz Clipz! Also, please make sure you have a registered account on so that we are able to issue your credit. We have no way to issue credit if you don’t have a registered account.  Please note this pack will not ship until Sunday October 27.

These coupon inserts include the coupons found in our 10/13 Hot Coupons (for toothpaste, Advil, GasX, and Caress)  That is just one week’s worth—imagine the savings!!  Check out our Real Deals page and our drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid) rolling rewards scenarios for other hot coupons to save you money!  When you purchase this Insert Insanity Big Daddy Pack , be sure you have registered with Wiz Clipz so your $10 credit can be put in your account.

This 10/2 Insert Insanity Big Daddy Pack is an amazing deal in that the inserts are essentially 50% off AND you get the $10 Wiz Clipz credit.

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