Indentity Theft Protection is on SALE

#1 In Identity Theft Protection

I need to tell you this story. My best friend called me today. It turns out that a credit card was opened in her name. Then someone used this credit card. The worst part is the credit card application was created at her bank but not by her.

I suggested she get Life Lock. The reason is simple the service is amazing. We personally use lifelock because I am a blogger and online. We also had a situation when my husband traveled for a living. He was at a restaurant and ordered dinner. He waited for his waiter to return with his credit card. He kept waiting. He then asked where the waiter had gone. It turned out he left on purpose with my husband’s credit card. He went on a shopping spree. It was lucky for my husband that he had another credit card and American Express was able to turn off the credit card quickly. We love knowing now that our important information is secure!

Try it yourself it is worth the investment… LifeLock

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