I’m still a great mom..even if I have Tattoos

Would you think less of a Mom, if she had visible tattoos?

Inspiration for posts can come from anywhere, funny things that happen, an interesting news story, or in this case, a hateful comment directed at you. I was shopping last night with my 4 year old, (she just had to have a Gameboy, right that second, so, being the awesome mom I am, I drove 30 miles away to a game store, in the rain, at 7 pm) when a women whom I had never seen before came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. What came next was a shock to me, I turn my head and say Hello and this is what she says to me, “Do you really think a good Mother should have an evil tattoo in plain site for everyone to see?”  I didn’t know what to say to that, no one had ever said anything like that to me before. What would she have thought if she saw the other 4 tattoos I have? Through gritted teeth I told her that I was a great mother, and thanked her for her concern and walked away. Jaiden then turned to me and said this, “Mommy, why did that lady say you were a bad Mom? Did you do something wrong?”  Ouch.

Now does this little girl looks like she is upset that her Mom has tattoos? I don’t think so!

I’ve always been “different” but I never got so much crap for it until I had Jaiden.

I grew up in a very relaxed, alternative household. My mom had tattoos, and a nose ring, my dad wore leather, and has his ears and nose pierced, so I never viewed myself as “different”. Through my teenage years I guess people just assumed I was being just that, a teenager. I’m now 24, and guess what..I still have 6 tattoos, a tongue ring, and sometimes, crazy hair! Does this make me a bad Mom? I don’t think so!

What if I told you every person in this picture (other than my daughter of course) has tattoos?

Would that make you think less of them? Would you think they were setting a bad example for the little girl? This was my little girls 4th birthday, Alice In Wonderland themed. Me and her father stayed up until 3 AM making her cake, and putting together her swing set. That little girl is our world, so to have someone question my parenting skills because of some artwork on my body, really upsets me.

This is the tattoo the woman was reffing to, it wraps around my arm. Is it everyone’s cup of tea? Nope! Do I love it? Yep! Jaiden actually picked out a few of the things on the tattoo, like the pink mushroom and the bread and butterfly.

The tattoos don’t stop with just me either! This is my husbands back piece! Does this make him a bad father? If I told you that he works 10 hours a day to provide for us, but he has tattoos, long hair, and loves metal music, would you think less of him?

Jaiden in her Tool night shirt, she loves it because she knows it’s Daddie’s favorite band <3

So, there it is. I’m a 24 year old Work-at-Home wife and mother, I’m a CMA, and I work really hard, oh and I have tattoos. What are your thoughts about moms with tattoos? Does it bother you? Would you/have you ever felt the need to question someones parenting skills that you have never met before? There is no wrong answer, I just want to know 🙂

At the end of the day, Jaiden got her Gameboy, and probably forgot about the comment that was made to me..but what about next time? Lets learn to accept all people for who they are, and love your neighbor!




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  1. krystal says

    Nothing wrong with tattoos! This momma has 8 and i dont regret them bc im a mom! My kids love them bc 3 of them are theres. Does it make me a bad mom ? Maybe in some peoples eyes but not in my kids and thats kinda all that matters to me!

  2. Morgilicious says

    I received my first piercing (other than ears) at the age of 14, my first tattoo at 16. I have since added to my tattoo collection and have additional piercings. Does this make me a heathen? Nope. In fact, until very recently, I was the most boring person I had ever met. At 25, I am an honors student, work at an incredibly respected teaching hospital and college, and I am an incredible aunt. I volunteer, donate money, and I stop for squirrels. I am also a big believer in pushing societal norms and standards. I find it interesting that people in different regions (I am lucky enough to live in the Northwest, so tattoos are embraced here.. if you don’t have one, YOU’RE the weird one) react so poorly to individuality and expression. I understand that 50, 60, or 70 years ago tattoos were most often gotten by military personnel or inmates, but times have changed, baby!

    I am sorry that you were approached by this rude stranger who probably should have been busy looking at the mirror and evaluating where she went wrong in life to be so unhappy that she had to lash out at other people. From first hand experience, I know that alternative mommies and lifestyles raise incredible kids who turn into wonderful, conscientious, and aware adults.

  3. says

    Rachelle, I personally love your tattoos. I am an HR consultant, which to be honest is normally a very stuffy field. I have tattoos all over my back, but I often get more flack because I like to wear my hair in vintage styles and vintage clothes. Some people think it’s really cool and some people are like, you want to a 40’s housewife? What happened to feminism? I happen to be a feminist myself but people are judgmental. Those of us that don’t judge people are more mentally healthy and raise our children better. Unfortunately some people can’t stretch their minds out of their tiny little boxes.

  4. suzanne says

    I cannot know from your tats whether or not you are a good mom but that woman close-mindedness and rudeness give me enough to feel sorry for HER kids. I admire your self control because I am pretty sure I would have blown a gasket if I had been in your shoes.

  5. says

    I’m not a mom, but do have 8 tattoos, 1 of which runs almost the entire length of my leg and 4 of which take up almost my entire back. When I started getting them 12 years ago (when was 16) it was looked at a lot differently. Now though it’s more common, people don’t have to cover tattoos and piercings at jobs like then. Sadly though there are still people with sticks shoved up you know where. It’s a shame that somebody would say something like that, but of course artwork on your skin doesn’t make you a bad mother (as you know)

    I all honesty, people like her all too often are the ones that actually have messed up kids because they weren’t actually good mothers… not always of course, but all too often it seems (in my opinion, I have no data to back that up though, so could be wrong).

  6. Jennifer Boehme says

    I believe you can do what you want. But me personally would not get tattoos of a bloody knife holding house burning girl all over my arm. Trying to instill peace and this scene does the opposite. Be pretty and don’t hide a whole chunk of skin. It’s not the same when your old, and most times you regret doing it. I guess when you grow up in a house that does it, you learn it.

    • rachelm says

      It’s actually not a burning house, that’s just the sky. The image is from a popular video game. I think the tattoo is pretty, but to each their own right? My husband grew up in a very conservative house and still has tattoos, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it. but I always love hearing different opinions, so thanks for yours 🙂

  7. dawn cook says

    i am a 45 year old mom (they call me mama) to 3 sons….i am almost fully sleeved on both arms, larger back piece on top, larger pieces on my kidneys and between them, neck tats, ear tat, ass tat, belly tat, 90% are of my tats are of the darker side, evil alice in wonderland, zombies, bats, skull and crossbones, spiders and webs…my kids never think anything of my tats other than thy are cool….i have been looked down upon, i have been praised…i have a pretty decent job too…people have a stereotype about tattooed people especially tattooed women!
    i am no different with or without tattoos, i would still be the same person, i am for the most part nice, sincere, would help anyone out that needed it….your a better person than i for gritting your teeth, saying your a great mom and walking away, because if my kids or boyfriend didn’t lay into hr first, i would of ripped her a new one! keep up the good work being a good mommy! and get more tattoos!

  8. says

    Ugh, it amazes me how close-minded some people can be and how many immediately judge by appearance. I wonder how she thinks it’s a good idea to say such nasty things in front of children?

  9. Diane Murray says

    It is sad that someone would be so unhappy with something in their own life in that moment, that they would approach a total stranger to suggest they know anything about them. Had it been me, after reminding her to mind her own business, I would’ve suggested that instead of targeting good Moms with tattooes, that she should focus that energy in finding opportunities to volunteer in areas where she could help children who really do have horrible parents (ones that are abusive and neglectful). I think I also would’ve asked her where she learned such a disrespectful attitude of attacking a total stranger who did nothing to her…I think I would suggest that maybe she didn’t have the best role model growing up :-), but I’m kinda mean like that :-).

  10. Elizabeth Miller says

    I believe tattoos are a way for us to express ourselves and to show our personalities and the things we love/like are displayed as artwork. I have 1 tattoo right now but, I want at least three more 🙂 and I started getting piercings at the age of 13, my mom and dad are also tattooed and my dad has his ear pierced. Some people are so judgmental and still want to close tattooesout as bad well, tats are perfectly amazing in my opinion, we should all have that choice of expressing ourselves and the people who don’t like tats should keep that to themselves. 🙂 Your a great momma dont listen to strangers who know nothing about you, this lady should of looked in the mirror before judging you especially in front of your child that was wrong of her.

  11. says

    Tattoos, piercings, hair color, etc have no bearings on anyone’s ability to mother. I have 4 tattoos and 4 more designed. I am an awesome mom 🙂 Keep on rocking your individuality and your kids will be better for it!

  12. Kasie Dunning says

    As a personal long time friend of yours personally 🙂 since jaiden was little, I can attest you and your hubby are fabulous patents. I cannot believe in this day and age people are so ignorant and closed minded. Lol. As an avid tattoo lover and a mother this is absurd! I am about 60% coveted with tattoos, I have had 17 piercings in my ears, and my nose pierced since I was 13, I have had my tone done since 15, my lip for 4 years. I have a 9 yr. Old daughter and 10 yr. Old son. I am a single mom and a reputable licensed massage therapist of many years. My parenting skills are not affected by my choice of self expression. And what’s funnier is that my kids have no desire to have tattoos or Piercings (not that I would object, when they are at least 22, for the tattoos) so. ….no. That woman has no clue what she’s talking about. Even my 80 yr. Old clients don’t look at me funny. in this centuryis accepted. Ugh!!

  13. says

    I’m pretty conservative by way of dress and lifestyle. I have three tattoos (had piercings, but took them out over time). My kids barely notice that they exist. I hardly think they make me a bad mother.

    Is the Alice tattoo new? The colors are so vibrant!

  14. Denise Helton says

    I personally do not have any tattoos, but I also don’t think having them makes a person good or bad. A person is who they are because of what is in their heart, not what is on their body. So I presume that woman that spoke out of turn would say a person that was scarred from some evil done to them was a bad parent because they wore their scars for the world to see………..I say ignore the ignorant and keep loving your child. It isn’t for someone who doesn’t know you to say whether or not you are good parent, I might have been tempted to ask her if she thought showing the world her ignorance and rudeness made her a bad parent. But hey, that’s just me.

  15. A reader says

    I think tattoos are tacky. You might think they look great right now, but in 10 years… 20 years… you’ll look like an idiot.

    You are teaching your daughter a lack of respect for her body. That goes along with a lack of respect for a lot of other things. I have been in quite a few tattoo parlors. I have had friends that have that life style. Tattoos, heavy music, nose rings… their kids get to have parents that think because they threw the kid a birthday party, they passed the “great parent” act. Yeah, what about the nights those kids slept on the garage floor of their parents friends house so the parents could go out drinking with their friends? What about how many naps they miss out on because their parents are smoking out back? What about the lyrics to that crap music? Guess what girl, I have been to quite a few of those concerts, I have made out with the lead of the band Chimera, backstage passes to Korn, blahblahblahblah. NOw that I have my own baby I would never in a million years subject him to that and the life style that goes with it.

    You know what I think when I see a Mom with tattoos? “She must have been drunk when she was 18 …. what a dumb choice.”

    • rachelle jones says

      I’m not sure what “lifestyle” you are referring too. That is a pretty generalized outlook. I don’t go out and drink..ever. My daughter doesn’t “sleep on a garage floor” while I go out drinking. I’m not sure how a child would miss a nap while their parents were smoking either? I also don’t just blast metal music while my child is around. But what about todays pop/rap music? Seems much worse to me nowadays. I don’t really appreciate being called “girl” either. It’s sad that you think every person that has a tattoo must have been 18 and drunk. I was actually 15 and sober when I got my first one :). I hope that the next doctor that may save your life doesn’t have tattoos..or perhaps the next soldier that defends your rights either! So sad that there is so much prejudice in this day and age.

  16. Jennifer says

    Wow! The nerve of people! You held your composure very well! If it was me I think the cops might have been called! I’m a mom too three and I have seven tattoos and my biggest is a thunderstorm theme which is a quarter sleeve on my right arm/shoulder! A person being a good mom has not a dam thing too do with tattoos! What about all the kids that are harmed at the hands of untattooed parents?? Some people… What an unhappy life she must have! Love your site/work! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  17. melanie says

    oh no. im a mother of three and also have three grandkids and nine tats, i also work my butt off, love my family like crazy, and i have had people make rude comments about my tats on my arms, they are a angel and devil…granted they use to be topless..till i dressed them,lol but did i become a bad mom the day i got them…i think not, really those kind of people are plagues to positivaty, which is worse then a harly riding tattoo mom..dont let it bother you gf!

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