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ikea bunk bed

I am going to be honest from the start I LOVE Ikea. I was very happy when they finally opened a store in Michigan and have been a loyal customer ever since. I would shop there every week except my husband says we can’t afford it. I still haven’t convinced him we could skip a few meals a week to allow me to go there more frequently. So I have resigned myself to going every couple of months and with a set budget. Some people do not understand why he doesn’t allow me to go without a budget. The reason is because we went to look for a curio cabinet and left with a whole dining room set and bedroom furniture for the kids.

I was a little apprehensive about buying a bed from Ikea because it meant we had to put it together. When I say “we” put it together I mean my husband and my sister’s boyfriend. So honestly it would be “they” but I like to think I was involved. The bed we purchased was the Tromso Bunk Bed Frame. The one we bought was silver and it featured a double bed on bottom and a twin on top. This was perfect because our children were sharing a room at the time because my mother-in-law was living with us. The ladder was on the left side of the bed but I see the one Ikea currently sells has it on the right.

The bed assembly was a little tricky at first as Ikea directions are just pictures and no words. Since men don’t like to look at directions anyway this didn’t impede them very much. In less than an hour the bed was put together and was structurally sound. The kids gave it a try and even the adults did to make sure no one was going to go crashing to the floor in the middle of night. The bed does have slats instead of a solid board to support the mattress but they are close enough that comfort is not lost. We had no problem using standard issue mattresses on both the top and the bottom bunks. My only complaint was the ladder only fastened to the bed at the top and not to the bottom. Instead it relied on the weight of the person climbing the ladder to push it down. I have seen that the bed currently available from Ikea has resolved that problem and the ladder is secure on both the top and the bottom.

When my children ended up getting their own rooms we once again sought out Ikea for a bed for my daughter. This time she picked the Kura Reversible Bed. This bed was a little more time intensive to put together but that was because of the amount of pieces involved. The fun thing about this bed is that it can be used in two different ways. It can be used a junior loft/bunk bed or as a low bed with an open top. They also sell a bed tent which helps create a fun hideaway. Bedtime becomes an adventure not a chore. We added a third option and put a twin size mattress on the floor in the loft space when my daughter requested somewhere for her friends to sleep. The mattress fit easily and when on one was over it stored all her stuffed animals and gave her a cook place to make a fort.

The Kura Reversible Bed also offers reversible slats so you can have a blue/pine or a white/pine bed. These slats are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and withstand even the toughest messes kids make. The bed is very solid and held upwards of 130 lbs and 4 kids. This bed also uses the slat system instead of a solid board but just like the Tromso bed it provided excellent support of the mattress. Which leads me to the one drawback. You will need to purchase a special mattress which is no more than 5 1/8″ thick. The reason for the thinner mattress is to prevent a child from falling off of the bed because the mattress was even with the sides of the bed. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mattress as it was my first experience with anything other than a normal mattress or a futon mattress.

Both beds get an A+ rating in my book and would highly recommend each of them. Ikea has won me over in the bed department and is now my First choice when shopping for beds.

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  1. I love IKEA too! Thanks for the review. I will look at this more closely next time I visit their store in Charlotte. We’re thinking of remodeling our basement.

  2. I read the Bunk Bed Article. I so agree with you. The type of bunked you shown can be a safety feature for the child on top. Your article was very interesting.

  3. the bunk bed look great i now when we wer kid i fall off the top all the time and end up on the floor so my dad made a bar over the top all the wy my sister would sleep on the bottom

  4. Thank you for the information. I love IKEA, too! I will think of your article when I am making future purchases regarding bunk beds.

  5. Thanks for the IKEA review. I ADORE IKEA! Seriously! We’ve been there 3 times in the past three months. We are just about to finally close on a house which will allow the girls to have their own room, and IKEA is the solution to our furnishing problem. Both girls need entire bedroom sets, the last one we bought from a garage sale some years ago. They will be moving up from twin beds to queen size, as they are already old enough that they are out of teen-style bedding. So many more choices in queen size.
    They’ve already chosen their bedroom sets, we only have to choose bedding now. Which brings me to another of your reviews, which I am about to read.
    Thanks again!