Ideas for a Halloween Themed Dinner

For the last few years I have been making Halloween Dinner. I like to make sure their bellies are full with a hearty meal before they hit the sugar trail. Plus they get a kick out of the silly names I come up with! I actually print out a menu and they have fun trying to guess what we are eating.

Menu ideas:

Bone Breadsticks


Take refrigerated breadstick dough (like Pillsbury) and tie a know in each end. Bake as directed.

Note: I have been doing this for the last couple of years. When I made them to take this picture, my 4 year old cried “Mom why do we have to eat bones for dinner?”

Witches Brew

Take ice cube trays and fill with water. Place a gummie worm in each section and then freeze.

Mix 2 parts punch to 1 part 7UP. Add in scoops of ranbow sherbet. In each glass put in a couple of “worm cubes” and then add the punch.

Snakes & Eyeballs

Just spaghetti & meatballs! This is usually our main course. I asked my nephews if they wanted something this year and they stated that it is tradition to have Snakes & Eyeballs on Halloween!

Green Eyes


Take a cucumber and peel it. Use a fork to make lines on the sides. Slice the cucumber. Add a dab of cream cheese or dip. Place a sliced olive on top.

Family Fun has several more kid friendly Halloween Recipes.


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