I Survived Harris Teeter Super Doubles With 2 Kids

At least that is what I feel like my shirt should say today!

24 Items, $15.00

24 Items, $15.00

I sorted my coupons last night and realized that there are a ton that I would like to use at Harris Teeter for Super Doubles. With the limitation of 20 coupons per day, I knew I was going to have to drag my boys along and makes several trips. Today was trip one. I am so thankful for being organized as my boys were pushed to the limit today. I had other stops today before  Harris Teeter. They were ready for nap when we finally made it to the store, so I knew I needed to be quick.

Trip Stats

Time: 30 minutes- That is from car, to store, bathroom break, doing our shopping, checking out, loading car and kids back in car seats.

Saved: $57.00 in coupons

Spent: $15. 20 or saved 79%

So how did I do it? Last night I pulled out all of the coupons I want to use at Harris Teeter this week from my coupon binder. I put them into three coupon organizing sheets. It took me about thirty minutes to get my coupons in order.

When I got to the store, I did bring my binder in but I stored it on the bottom of my cart (in case of an unanticipated deal!). All I carried was my three coupon sheets. I could easily see what coupons I wanted to use and match them up to the items they had in stock. I placed the coupons I used into an empty coupon sheet on the back of my Madame deals shopping list to keep track of the 20 limit. I still have quite a few unused coupons that I will use on my subsequent trips and the great thing is they are already organized!

When shopping with children the key to success is organization. I wish someone could have videotaped me and my kids today. It wasn’t pretty but it was successful! I managed to get the items I needed, keep the boys in the cart and makes it out of the store before a complete meltdown occurred!

To get yourself organized, take a look at our coupon system.


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