Chutzpah: I have to say this is not okay

We are huge fans of using coupons to get the things you need. If we all use coupons we could all save some money. It is imperative to use coupons correctly. It is imperative to use coupons that were actually created by the manufacturer. I am currently researching if this is indeed a real coupon. I also want to know if you can use a bunch of them in one transaction like this person did. I doubt it. I also can’t believe he put it on youtube. Wow,  that is CHUTZPAH!

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  1. says

    I work retail, and often have people trying to use invalid coupons, multiple coupons, or other things we can’t do where I work. When I catch them and/or inform them of our coupon policy (which is posted on all of our receipts and all of our coupons) they get hostile and will start spewing profanity. I now cringe in fear whenever somone in my line says “I have some coupons.”

    • kathyaa says

      Nona, sounds like you need to work else where besides being a cashier. We are trying to save money. No need to “Cringe” when we come through with coupons. We all arent trying to scam you!

  2. says

    I’ve gotten a couple coupons that look like that directly from the company. But I don’t know if this particular one is real.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Best wishes!

  3. says

    I did a house party once where they sent me 10 coupons for free lean cuisine meals. It sucked because I couldn’t just go and pick them up at the store and have my little house party the way the manufacturer intended. I had to do multiple transactions over several days which made it a huge pain in the patootie. Free product coupons do exist. In my experience, at least in the past two years, if it’s for a free product, not counting mainstream Sunday paper stuff, it has the rainbow foil markings on them.

  4. Rachel says

    I am wondering if anyone working at the store he got these from questioned this & where did he get all these coupons from? It seems like it can’t be legit but I guess you never know.

  5. Chavonne says

    If someone is using coupons illegally they police should be called to the store just as if they were to walk right out the store without paying for the product.

  6. says

    I received some coupons for free products straight from the manufacturer for a totally different brand and product and tried to use them yesterday only to find out they were counterfeit. Don’t worry, I was very nice to the people who helped me. But I agree with Danielle – they did NOT have that rainbow seal and usually free product coupons do.

  7. Judi C. says

    I got a coupon for a Free product from a manufacturer once. It was to replace a defective can of air freshener. It was only worth $3, but it did not have the foil bar on it. If I had chosen a low priced item, it could have been free but on the coupon it said I could combine it with another coupon, so I chose to do that and got the refill for my auto-spray air freshener for super cheap.

  8. jennifer tobin beraducci says

    No this coupon is not legit. This coupon is spreading like wild fire. I work in a and every week we get a list of coupons being made up and emailed etc…

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