I Earned a Kindle Fire HD with National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel had my FREE Kindle Fire HD delivered today!

I joined a National Consumer Panel a little over a year ago. I will be honest, I had a few worries when I first signed up. It seemed to good to be true but I was willing to give it a try. I decided, I would participate for one year. I chose the year time frame because they promised a gift (on top of the points I would earn) at the end of my 1st year. They said I would have the choice of choosing from a TV, entertainment system, tool set, Kindle Fire and more. The word Kindle Fire is what sold me.

I can say that today I received my Kindle Fire from National Consumer Panel. It is not just a plain Kindle Fire but a Kindle Fire HD and they included a case.


Joining National Consumer Panel was easy and participating has become a family affair. I shop like I normally do and then scan my purchases when I get home. They are then good to be put away. If my husband shops, he knows to scan it when he gets home or give it to me to scan. You also can keep track of when you eat out, purchases on the go, and prescriptions you get filled. Don’t worry you don’t have to keep your Fast Food Packages with you, they provide you with a barcode book for items without barcodes, things that won’t scan, fast food, and prescription purchases.

Nielsen National Consumer Panel HomeScan

 You can also join National Consumer Panel. They are always opening new zip codes and accepting new applicants. Click on the link below to go and join National Consumer Panel.

HomeScan NCP


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