Huggies & Rite Aid

Free Huggies!

Free Huggies!

I am so excited about the Huggies deal at Rite Aid! I paid $9.90 with my Rite Aid gift card (2nd week with no money OOP!). I should get back $11 in SCR. I can also submit for the Caregivers Marketplace rebate, .75¢ per pack. Who would have though that you could make money on diapers!

I used the scenario I wrote up for you all HEREwith one change. I had a FREE Huggies Jumbo pack diapers coupon from Rite Aid for a deal I completed earlier this summer. That is why my out of pocket was so low. Now, I am still waiting to see if using the FREE coupon will qualify my purchase for the $10 SCR. I should know in 2-3 days. If not, I will just go back and pick up one more package. Either way, it is still a fabulous deal!

For the Wipes, I used the $2 off any Huggies product coupon. I will get a $1 SCR for purchasing two. FREE wipes!

Another thing to note, the Fall Gift of Savings program has begun. I just checked my totals and I already have $34 towards the reward! Now, that is from my purchase last week and I only spent $10.66! That means the Rite Aid is counting the Gift of Savings purchases before coupons. I should have no problem getting to $100 and earning the $20 Rite Aid Gift Certificate. Oh, how I love Rite Aid these days!


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    Be careful before you submit for the Caregivers Marketplace rebate. Pure and Natural diapers are not on the rebate approved list… for that matter none of the new packaged, new diaper count diapers are. I contacted Caregivers about it and got a reply back that they are waiting for hear from Kimberly Clark if the new UPC for the repackaged diapers will be included in the rebate program or not.


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