HUGE list of FREE apps this week only for Iphone!

HUGE list of FREE apps this week only for Iphone



Iphone is celebrating their 5 year anniversary by offering some of it’s most popular apps for free or deeply discounted! I’ve compiled a list  of the best ones!

Check the list and search the name of the app in the app store to grab it for FREE while it lasts! >>>> go to APP STORE

Best free apps for kids:

  • The Sims™ Medieval for Ipad was $4.99, now FREE 
  • Mini Motor Racing HD was $1.99, now FREE
  • Rinky Dinky Rhyme Book was $1.99, now FREE
  • Go Home Dinosaurs was $4.99, now $.99
  • Toca Bandwas $3.99, now FREE
  • Tiny Wingswas $.99, now FREE
  • Where’s My Water?was $.99, now FREE
  • Dr. Panda’s Supermarketwas $1.99, now FREE
  • Alien Zone Plus was $5.99, now FREE
  • Dumb Runner was $1.99, now FREE
  • Rolling Her0 was $.99, now FREE
  • Mushroom Wars was $3.99, now FREE
  • Bubble Blitz HD was $2.99, now FREE
  • Sonic Dashwas $1.99, now FREE
  • Downhill Bowling was $2.99, now FREE

Best free apps for photo editing:

  • Piiic was $.99, now FREE
  • PhotoStationwas $.99, now FREE
  • FilterMania 2 was $5.99, now FREE
  • FX Photo Studio Pro was $1.99, now FREE
  • Veensta Camera was $.99, now FREE
  • LXphoto was $1.99, now FREE
  • PopBooth Photo Booth was $.99, now FREE
  • PhotoMaker was $2.99, now FREE

Best free apps for business:

  • BigMind Pro – Mind Mapping was $4.99, now FREE
  • Local Cloud was $9.99, now FREE
  • PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT Reader HD was $.99, now FREE
  •  Day One (Journal)  was $4.99, now FREE
  • SpeakingCal Pro was $1.99, now FREE
  • Groceries was $4.99, now FREE
  • Stock Scans- was $1.99, now FREE
  • Money²  was 2.99, now FREE
  • Posts (blogger app) was $9.99, now FREE
  • MagicalPad was $9.99, now FREE

Best Free Apps for fun:

  • Dead Space™ was $6.99, now FREE
  • Run Tracker – GPS Fitness was $1.99, now FREE
  • Traktor DJ for iPhone was $4.99, now FREE
  • Pistachio Sketch App was $.99, now FREE
  • Oldify 2 was $.99, now FREE
  • TouchSports™ Tennis was $1.99, now FREE
  • Dead Land was $1.99, now FREE
  • eDrops Dubstep was $1.99, now FREE
  • Galaxy At War Online was $4.99, now FREE
  • Infinity Blade II was $6.99, now FREE

Check out the entire list of Free iphone apps HERE


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