HP G7-1310US 17.3″ Laptop, only $399.99

Hurry check out the Staples President’s Day Savings Event and save big on computers, digital cameras, printers and more.

One of the best deals right now is on an HP G7-1310US 17.3″ Laptop which is on sale for just $399.99 (Reg. $629.99), you save $230. Free Shipping on orders over $45.

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  1. Jennifer Hedden says

    I have been wanting a laptop but not sure what brand to get. I will definitely have to check this out. This sounds like an awesome deal.

  2. Ruth Otwell says

    I cannot find this HP laptop on the Staples site. I searched the whole thing, & even clicked “order now” & all I get are error messages

  3. dan says

    This was not available at Staples.com online . It was only available at Staples stores .
    I attempted to buy one Saturday , the last day of the sale . Not one store in the NY area had any – when Staples search online says “low stock” , it means they only have a floor model , and the 1 store in Manhattan where it said “4 in stock” had none when called .

    It was for meant someone in Phoenix , AZ. , so I searched there , and similarly was out of stock everywhere in the area – except for 1 store 21 miles away in Goodyear AZ , where they had 4 in stock and held one for me for 24 hours , allowing the party to travel there and buy it .
    In Staples defense , this was a huge buy – Walmart gets $600 (no rebate allowed) , PC Richards $500 after rebates , and Best Buy $550 after rebates , and at $400 Staples did have stock available for at least the first part of the sale week .
    I guess those interested should keep an eye open for future sales , and note that there is a $50 HP rebate on any laptop ending in “US” for a while longer (Staples gives it as an “easy rebate” , not honored at Walmart and some other places)

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