How to Spring Clean your Closet

How to Spring Clean your Closet

spring clean closet

Spring Clean

Spring Clean

What you Need:

  • Permanent Marker
  • 4 Trash Bags (preferably White) or boxes

How to Organize:

Before we start taking everything out, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Keep only items you have worn in the past year. Don’t keep anything that has holes (if you haven’t repaired it by now, you probably will not get to it), missing buttons or ties. Don’t keep anything that might fit in a few months (don’t kid yourself, get it out). Sell or Donate items you won’t use or don’t fit into, but are still in great condition. If something doesn’t fit and still has tags, consider selling it. Now onto the work!

1. First take each trash bag and label them as Trash, Donate, Sell and Keep.

2. Start small and visualize your closet in 4 sections. Which section you start with does not matter; just do one area at a time to keep the job smaller and more achievable.

3. One by one take every item out of your closet and determine whether to place it in the Trash, Donate, Sell or Keep bag.

4. Move from one section to the next until you have complete pulled out everything in the closet.

5. Immediately take the trash out. Literally take the bag labeled TRASH and take it to the curb NOW. If you leave to the side you are more like to rummage through the bag again and fall into the trap of keep unnecessary items around. Do yourself a favor and take it out Now.

6. Now onto the Sell bag, if you plan on having a yard sale in the coming weeks starting putting those bag aside in a place NOT in your room or near your closet but in a garage or hallway closet that could store in the meantime. If you are not having a yard sale within 3 weeks then find a friend who will and hand it over. Don’t create unnecessary work for yourself or temptation to unpack the bag, get it out of sight.

7. Donate Bag must be dropped off NOW. Don’t wait for the morning, if you don’t get it out it may never leave the house.

8. Now you can finally get to the Keep bag. Make sure you have all the hangers you need and the necessary organization items to make your closet work for you.

Help yourself out by organizing like items together and placing them in your closet to fit your needs.

If you have items that you like the print, but are not usable to wear consider re-purposing for other things. For kids clothing cutting out a logo and sewing them together to make a quilt will be a great gift for Christmas. Think of the possibilities like taking your favorite pair of jeans that are no longer wearable and making into a hand bag or an organizer cleaning tote.

Spring cleaning your closet. What to keep and what not to keep and suggestions on reusing old clothes for other items around the house.

Thanks to Rebecca Autry of Moms Saving Money for sharing this spring clean tips!

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  1. Jennifer says

    I learned a tip at a local home and garden show. On top of sorting as you listed above.. To maintain organization and stop the cycle, if you pull something out to wear and end up not wearing it for some reason, put it back on the hanger and hang it in your closet backwards. If i
    Those items are still hanging backwards for a month or two, you probably don’t need them..

  2. says

    Love this idea. I especially like the looking at the closet as 4 sections instead of one big closet. Smaller steps. Thanks for the tips!

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