How to Make Pillow Shams

How to Make Pillow Shams

How to Make Pillow Shams

Cases, covers and shams, Oh, My! There are so many fun ways to decorate pillow and shams is just one! This tutorial was created to show you how to create your own sham patterns.

You’ll need

  • newspaper or paper for creating your pattern pieces
  • pillow case or pillow case pattern (insert pillow case tutorial here)
  • pen/pencil/marker for tracing/drawing

Instructions on How to Make Pillow Shams:

To start, use your pillow case pattern (please link to pattern tutorial). You’ll need one large piece and two smaller ones. To create these, make one pattern piece that is 1/2 the length of the large piece, plus 1 inch longer.

Seen here: 1 large piece (sham front) and two smaller pieces (sham back)

How to Make Pillow Shams

With each of the back pieces, create a finished edge by either serging, turning and top stitching or turning twice and top stitching

How to Make Pillow Shams

Place the back pieces on the front piece, right sides together. Line up the ends, leaving the center, finished edges, slightly over lapping. Serge/sew all four edges. To create crisp pointed corners, trim corners at an angle before turning right side out *photo right*

How to Make Pillow Shams

Turn the sham right side out and insert your pillow.

How to Make Pillow Shams

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If you have any questions, please post them below!

Thanks to Shannyn of SimplyShan for this How to Make Pillow Shams tutorial

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