How to make a burlap wreath

I have been working on burlap decorations for my sister’s bridal shower. I made burlap flowers and a burlap banner with the names of the bride and groom. Next I made a a burlap wreath and decorated with a few of the burlap flowers.

 how to make a burlap wreath

How to make a burlap wreath:


wire wreath frame

floral wire

4 inch wide burlap ribbon ( 4-5 yds)

burlap flowers

glue gun

All of the burlap supplies can be purchased from


1. Fold over the end of a piece of burlap in half twice. Put a short piece of floral wire through the folds.

 Burlap wreath Fold burlap and put a small piece of floar wire through the folds to start making a burlap wreath

2. Attach the burlap to the wire frame using the floral wire.

burlap wreath attach burlap to wire frame using floral wire

3. With the frame facing up tuck a fold of burlap into each of the three openings.

burlap wreath pull loops of butlap up between the three slots on the wire frame

burlap wreath all the loops pushed through the frame

4. Gather the folds together and hold from the top of the frame.

burlap wreath gather and hold the loops then turn over the frame

5. Flip the frame over and twist the end of the burlap several times.

burlap wreath twist the burlap on the back side of the frame

6. Flip the burlap again and then repeat the process of pushing a fold through each of the three openings, gather and hold the flaps, flip the frame and twist the burlap several times.

burlap wreath keep repeating the same steps until you work your way all around the frame

7. Keep repeating the process until you have worked your way all around the frame, When you get back to the beginning, cut the burlap so that you have enough to attach it to the wire frame using the same process as in step 1.

burlap wreath without any decorations

8. Attach burlap flowers to decorate the wreath using hot glue.

 burlap wreath finished and decorated with burlap flowers
I just loved how these wreaths look. I was originally going to add a bow but really liked the simplicity of this loos without out one. Very country but very pretty. And not to girly per my sister’s request. Next I will be working on decorating some vases with more burlap ribbon and twine. All of the decorations for the shower are really coming together. I can’t wait. Have you ever made a burlap wreath? How did it turn out? What did you use to accent it?


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