How to Fight Fear

How to Fight Fear

Have to navigate fear

Hi, Friends,

How are your intentions coming? Mine are moving along. I actually completed about 20 hours of professional development last week. I now have the overwhelming task of making good on the information I learned and expanded my business.

It occurred to me there is a reason I am struggling with the change is fear. The fear I have if my business becomes more successful  I fear that I will become less successful as a mom and wife. I sat down and thought about what I define success as in those two categories.

I guess the easiest is to tackle being a wife first. I know my husband places value on us spending time together and me cooking our meals during the week. He also values that I take care of writing out the bills and doing the grocery shopping as well as organizing all of the children’ schedules. He wants to be able to work without interruption from 8- 6 pm. When he works from home, he will do the laundry and the dishwasher and sweep the floor but he doesn’t want any responsibilities that involve a certain timed element. The thought of having to be somewhere to pick up, drop off, or wait with kids pushes him into stress cloud nine.

secrets to a happy marriage

You can read about our relationship if you want we both wrote this post secrets to a happy marriage.

Here is my plan for exceeding my husband’s needs:

1) Do not work full-time on the weekends and go to bed on a couple nights when he goes to bed. He goes to bed very early because he works out at the crack of dawn.

2) Plan a date night we have some pretty cool stay at home date night ideas I use from the site.

cheap date idea
3) Pay the bills on Sunday night or autopay online

4) Go back to doing food co-op. This is where you trade food with other people. I do a crockpot freezer cooking swap. You can check out the soup recipes we have that work well but make sure you read our free book that I attached on how to set this up.


wipeable calender

5) Organize the children’s schedule and play bus, driver. I bought this great laminated calendar (click to buy yours) that I put on my refrigerator. I also bought vis a vis pens (buy these they are super)  and I chose a color for each kid so I can easily identify who goes where. Then I found friends so I could swap driving duties with to cut down on the driving of three children who participate in both dance and soccer.

The best thing about conquering fear is knowing your limits. I decided although I would like to work on being the perfect mom. I need to implement the wife part first. That will help with the mom part. I have happy children they just miss their mom when I go away. I also have a fail proof trick for keeping them happy when I go away. I call them mommy letters.

My intentions
1) Understand where fear comes from
2) Look for ways to conquer the fear
3) Implement new methodologies slowly to make sure the impact is lessened
4) Be positive

See you next week as I share my struggle and triumphs on how to be the most amazing wife, mom, and business owner. You do know we have several sites.
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Baked Ravioli Casserole Recipe

I started my cooking co-op. I am making my Spaghetti Gravy  to share, Lemon Chicken , Chili,  and Baked Ravioli Casserole.  I figure these meals will take me less than one hour to prepare and will yield me eight meals in the swap and I will have the 4 I made, so 12 meals in an hour are perfect.

These some game changers as well. PIN THEM you will thank me!

sausage soup

Sausage Soup

Cranberry Chicken

Pepper Steak 

Grape Jelly Meatballs Recipe

Sweet and sour meatballs 

chickadilla soup 

zuppa toscana recipe

zuppa toscana 

 apricot meatloaf 

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