How Madame Deals Works

Dear Friends, Family, and Readers,

I am sure you all wonder how this whole blogging thing works? How do we make money? Well we make money by selling items, traffic through ads, paid reviews, and more. We work for tons of companies. You can see all of the companies  by clicking on the underlined words. This is our biggest season. In fact this is how I pay for my site for the entire year. I know that you are buying gifts online. I ask that you try to support my small business if you can. You can do so by sharing my posts, coming to my site often, and by buying from me. You can use the search on the site and see if we have the deal you were looking for. You can go to this Madame Deals Sponsors page to see if we sell the item.

This is what we are doing on the “backend” we are working long hours. We have been working long hours for about two weeks to prepare to help you. We create a facebook group so you can ask us to find your deal. Madame Deals Facebook group. Ask away. We are open to accepting your real deals in exchange for coupons. Real Deals Submission form.

I currently have several people on staff to help you. I am in a position this year to bring on people. The people who are working on my site this year are fans like yourself. They had the can do attitude and the giving heart that I require for employment. They wanted to work so they could help provide for their family. I made the choice to give up revenue I would have normally earned to help out several families instead. I believe in the we have enough rule so it is imperative to help others. I hope that you will reward their hard work by choosing to do your holiday shopping using their deals.

At Madame Deals you can be assured that we Pay it Forward. I encourage you to submit a request as part of my $100 story if you know someone in need. I personally donate my holiday gift from my husband to help families in need. I also spent countless hours securing sponsors so I can help as many people as possible have a happy holiday.

I just want to let you know how this all works. I wanted to ask for your business and support. I wanted you to know that this isn’t just a blog but a business that helps to support several families who are working to provide a holiday to their children.  I believe that being successful is helping others when you have enough.


Here are out black friday deals

Here are our cyber monday deals

Here are our current giveaways

The $100 story is on the button on the site click on it and fill it out. I love helping others.

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