How Have You Saved Money This Week?

Over the last few years, saving money has gone from being something I thought about on occasion to being second nature.  I decided to track the ways I saved this week.

Before heading to the grocery store, I checked the Food Lion deals and printed coupons for many items on my list.  Savings $8.34

It was time for an oil change.  After making an appointment with our dealership, I used a ValPak coupon and paid for the service with our Owner Advantage Rewards.  This amounted to a FREE oil change!  Savings $38.78

Our front loading washing machine was acting up, stopping mid-cycle and displaying an error code.  A quick internet search gave my husband instructions to fix the problem.  I don’t want to think about how much we would have paid someone to come out and fix it.  Savings $85-150

My husband and I had a rare moment where we were able to have lunch together.  We used a Buy One Get One 50% Off coupon from our local paper to make this treat more affordable.  Savings $2.25

I snagged a Living Social deal for $5 for $10 worth of food at Quiznos.  That will come in handy when we’re in town and want to stop for a quick and CHEAP lunch.  Savings $5

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m just now starting to round up presents.  Amazon offered a great deal on a full set of Harry Potter DVDs earlier this week.  I was able to use some of the Amazon gift cards I earned from SwagBucks to purchase this set.  Savings $60

We’re in the habit of paying cash for gas since our local station offers a 6 cent a gallon discount for cash paying customers.  Savings $1.15

Our local farmer’s market printed a $2 off coupon valid at any vendor.  My daughter and I like go to the market a few times a month and this coupon went toward her beloved loaf of banana bread.  Savings $2

Last but not least, I saved 50% at CVS buying Allegra D, body wash, hand soap and toothpaste.  Regular retail was $29.89.  Savings $14.37

Total savings this week:  $216.89 … which is enough to cover the electric bill!

How have you saved money this week?

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