How do you save money?

The first question people ask me is how did you get started? How do you keep it all straight. The easiest response is I follow our site. I mean that is my secret. This secret has saved me on average $100 a week. That’s right I bought what we needed and didn’t spend $100 extra on the items. My budget is $100.00 a week. I spend every penny and I enjoy it! I enjoy it because I used to spend atleast $200 on the same items!

Here is exactly what I do:

I click on the store in my area whose list I want to look at. Then I click on the current store list for the week. Then I check another store in my area. I compare all the stores against my shopping list. I pick 1 store to shop at. That is right I shop at one grocery store, then one drug store, and one store for veggies Sam’s club or the Farmer’s Market.

Then I print or pull out the coupon for the deal match ups. I use our Madame Deals Coupon Solution to store all my coupons.

If a match up appears in a different color or it is underlined then you can print it RIGHT from our site!! In order to print two coupons click on the back button.

I print out the shopping list but you can send it to your smart phone which I also often do. Here are more detailed printing instructions.

What did I buy last week for $100???

This order included 13lb Turkey, 7lbs of chicken, Ground beef, mild sausage, 3 packages of turkey bacon, lunch meats, and diapers. I spent $68.00 less with coupons and store savings. This order came in at $94.36 at Giant.

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